Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
Thanks to Msgr. Mike Hippee, Fr. Gary Weismann and of course our own Fr. Antony Vayalikarottu for celebrating the liturgy for you during my recent absence. You’ll be happy to know that my problem was NOT COVID-19.

Speaking of which...

I know these days are hard on all of us. Here at the parish we’ve been scrupulous about cleaning everything and maintaining space, and perhaps most important of all, that we are wearing the masks.

We cannot allow anyone into the Sanctuary without a mask. Those Archdiocesan regulations are very clear, and it’s good that it’s the same for all our parishes. My thanks to Jack Fink, Tom and Barbara Rogan and Maryellen Maher for shepherding the ushers at each of the Masses. It’s taken time to get used to, but I think we’re doing okay. We’ve added the little green crosses on the center aisle to assist you in separating as you come to Holy Communion. Pause on the cross until the person in front of you moves forward. (Duh... I guess I didn’t need to explain that.)

I also want to thank a small group of parishioners who have been so good about bringing Communion to people who are not able to come to Mass. For so many years, Bill Fuccillo was our Eucharistic Ministry Man. I thank him for that great service all the years I have been here and many more before that.

If you know someone, especially in the condos, who would like Communion, let us know. Annie has been wonderful about being able to link folks up.

prayer062820After all, we heard it in the second reading this weekend: WE are the BODY OF CHRIST. What does that really mean? I purloined the pages of Creighton University’s Online ministry to find a wonderful reflection on that great truth. You’ll probably hear ideas stolen from Fr. Tom Shanahan, S.J. in the homily. AND... I also include here a prayer he wrote. I put it there to make it easy to clip out.  Put it where you can say it for all the folks going through so much... maybe even you and me.

Last week I said, “ There are things we’ve been asked to do: spatial distancing, masks in public places, washing hands.

Those are things that not only try to bring each of us a healthier condition in our own lives; they also are gifts that we give to each other.”

Today, St. Paul said to the Romans and says to us, being baptized into Jesus has redefined who you are: in fact, you are me, and because of that, you must go and bear fruit that will last. We walk together,

In Jesus,
sign frjim


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