Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
Last Sunday at a couple of the Masses, I remarked that maybe it was just me, but it seems as though people have a much greater need to come together when there is a tragedy. As much as we enjoy good things, if you are looking for moments when people draw together best, nothing does it like a common crisis.

At that rate, we sure should be very close to each other right now. I don’t feel that closeness very much. Just the opposite. No doubt it has something to do with just how long a crisis goes on. Then when you multiply the crises, all I want to do is crawl into a hole, disconnect the television and grab my rosary.

If I’m paying attention to my prayer, at the end of the rosary comes, "O God, whose only begotten Son, by his lie, death and Resurrection, has shown us the way to eternal life, grant we beseech you, that while meditating on these mysteries in the rosary of the most holy virgin Mary, we may both imitate what they contain, and obtain what they promise."

I don’t intend to give you a long rosary lesson, but I think it was genius of (St.) Pope John Paul II to add the Luminous mysteries. They bridged the gap between the Joyful and the sorrowful mysteries. We have 16 events or ongoing moments in the life of Jesus when he is teaching us how to act. Mary gets two mysteries at the is beginning and two at the end of the 20 to show us how to be faithful people, her children. Don’t forget, we call her Mother of the Church. That’s us.

While I’ve been praying in these last weeks, I’ve been thinking about the many people who are not locked away and in isolation. I’m sure many would like to be, but they have no choice. Unemployment insurance won’t last forever, and people have to eat. Many services must continue or else our garbage will overwhelm us – as long as we continue to have the food with which to make the garbage.

So what’s my point? It goes something like this:

  • How do I hear the Lord?
  • How can I visit those I love?
  • To what and for whom can I “give birth?”
  • What will others see?
  • Am I in the Lord’s house, his will?
  • Can I identify with others?
  • Can I do something even when I don’t want to?
  • Can I consistently be good news for others?
  • Can I listen?
  • Can I treasure the “breaking of the bread?”
  • Can I ask for His will and not mine?
  • Can I deal with my burdens?
  • Will I wear the name of Christian?
  • Will I carry my yoke?
  • How can I give my all?
  • Will I let Jesus lift me up?
  • Will I “go with Him to Galilee?”
  • How will God’s Holy Spirit enliven me?
  • Can I anticipate joining Mary, angels and saints?
  • Will I accept the help of the Mother of the Church?

All of that draws me out of myself each night as I sit on the porch and ponder Sirius, or maybe the moon in all its shapes and sizes.

There’s no way that being “shut down” or being “distanced” can separate me – us, from the love of God. And guess who’s there to help us stay attached? Now, that’s a mother.

In Jesus,

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