Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
After you heard today’s gospel, did you wonder what the treasure was?

After all, one man’s treasure might be another man’s tax burden.

Treasures come in various sizes and shapes. The more I think about it, the more I think Jesus was asking, “What’s important to you?” And then the next question follows right away: “What are you willing to do, to achieve, to keep, to use, to spend, to protect, – whatever – that treasure?”

Focusing on the treasure, though, is not really the most important issue. Jesus was using the example of the treasure in the field and what a man does about that treasure to really describe the kingdom of heaven.

We also hear about the merchant and the pearl, sometimes referred to as ‘the pearl of great price.’

Just when we decide Jesus is talking about valuable stuff, Jesus throws in another example of the kingdom. “The kingdom of heaven is like a net thrown into the sea...” No longer is it a matter of material possessions.

Now we are talking about souls, which when you stop and think about it, might be the point. Is there anything worth more than one individual soul? Apparently not, because that’s why Jesus became one of us. We are worth much to the Father, so much that Jesus becomes one of us, dies for us, and then grabs us by the hand to rise with him to the throne of his father.

I have this mental picture of Jesus reaching and grabbing a hand, and there is an endless throng of people each holding the hand of the person next to them. As Jesus lifts, each one in turn is drawn up. Things are falling away from the vast array of people, each person losing dust and dirt as well as the possessions a person cannot hold anymore because she or he needs her or his to hands to hold on to the person on each side them, as Jesus lifts the whole endless stream of humanity into the “Kingdom of Heaven.”

Somewhere along the line the net of separation comes into play. I don’t want to beat my vision to death, but I suspect that somehow separation happens when people just can’t let go of what they are holding so they can grab onto the line of all the people that Jesus is lifting.

Like I said in the last few weeks, there’s nothing like a good pandemic to call us into a deeper consideration of our state, and we how relate to the world in which we live.
Here’s to ‘letting go,’ so that we can ‘grab on.’

In Jesus,
sign frjim

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