Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
Wow! I opened the scriptures to see the readings for this weekend and came away thinking the Lord was looking over my shoulder ...our shoulders. If that isn’t enough, I just heard a roll of thunder as I was writing. Sometimes, subtle He isn’t.

In fact, I don’t think He is ever subtle. His presence to what I’m doing depends on how much attention I’m paying to Him. Sometimes, I’m listening. Sometimes, I even hear Him. Sadly, the roar of the daily tsunamis of politics and health drown out the consistent invitation God makes in all my moments.

We do have some control about the noise. We can turn it off or tune it out or look the other way. But at some point, I need to ask myself, “When I avoid the turmoil, am I missing the opportunity to bring Him to those very places?”

If you have been to confession to me, you might remember that often I add the wish that the Spirit who heals you of sin, will also show you the places and the spaces where only you can bring His face.

(I’m hoping it won’t strain your memories trying to remember the last time you heard that... I know. That was a cheap shot, but what the hey. Maybe it’ll spark a desire or two for healing grace.)

This week I’m remembering my appointment (September 29th) and my installation (October 2nd) as your pastor in 2010. Ten years... Why is it we make a bigger deal out of numbers that end in zero?

On those same feast days in 1982, Archbishop McCarthy installed me as pastor at St. Louis. Somehow, I always felt the angels kept me out of trouble – more or less. So, when Archbishop Wenski sounded the call for my sojourn to St. Sebastian, he was good enough to use those same days.

I know it’s hard to believe but it’s amazing how helpful angels can be about all sorts of things. From hurricane preparations to the new ceiling drip in my office, they help. (Patricio and the angels are dealing with the drip as I write.)

Looking back over my St. Seb years, the happiest memories carry all the times we had the chance to work together (in person). Just reading over the past Twitches reminded me. In seems like years ago, but just seven months ago we had our 60th Jubilee dinner at Tropical Acres. The Twitches back then reminded me of all the people who did so much just to make that event as wonderful as it was.

What was all the celebrating about? At the time, right after the event I Twitched this thought:

Seriously folks, the bottom line is how are we making the face of Jesus visible to ourselves, and to every person we meet. It’s a well-worn question, but one that can never be asked enough.

I don’t want to spend any more time thinking about the last 10 years, or the last 52 for that matter. The only real question for me is, “What about 11 and 53?”

For starters, we will continually look for the best ways of being the community of Christ where we can touch His face. After all, after 2000 years I think the community of faith we call The Church, has survived far more serious threats from within and without. We keep rowing the Ark of Peter. All aboard!

In Jesus,
sign frjim

PS. I wondered if maybe I should have titled this ...being of the sane mind!

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