Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
...or selfish neighbor?

We live in tough times. You sure didn’t need me to tell you that. Before any opinion, before any judgement, before any fear, because we are who we are, before all, we are first and foremost, people of prayer.

As I scanned the scriptures for this weekend, my first reaction was simply to pray and ask God what He was saying in these scriptures. Then I was overwhelmed. So many things; immigrants, widows, orphans, needy neighbors, and that’s just the Hebrew scripture.

In the second reading from the New Testament, Paul lays it out to the Thessalonians - and to us. The NABRE introduction to First Thessalonians sums Paul up: moral conduct is the practical, personal expression of one’s Christian faith, love, and hope.

If we needed to hear any more explanation, Matthew presents Jesus (re)teaching the two great commandments, love God... love neighbor.

I say ‘reteaching,’ because the two great commandments are already known – if perhaps forgotten – by the hearers of Jesus. Deuteronomy says, “love God;” Leviticus teaches “love neighbor.” Once again, the Pharisees are flummoxed by the truth.

“Addle, confound, confuse” are but a very few of the synonyms for flummoxed. Maybe that’s a great word to fool around with when you’re trying to describe what we face each day. Clarity and single-mindedness seem very distant from the moments we are living in.

So, that’s why we need to swim to the surface of all that challenges us, and then to take a big gulp of fresh air. That air is the Spirit of God, helping us to regain our balance and clear our vision.

I know breathing in the Spirit is something that is easier to say than to do. But being Jesus for each other, is more than just being ; it means consciously looking for ways to BE HIM for each other in words and actions. That’s the “whole heart” part of the command to love God.

For my part, I can very easily BE HIM for many of you. You make my day with your kindness and actions around the parish. BUT... sometimes “others” of you are more difficult to figure out. I just don’t want to take the necessary pause to breathe the Spirit’s air and BE HIM for anybody. They say confession is good for the soul... I shall wait in holy expectation for that good...

Let me switch gears.

Next Sunday is All Saints Day, and Monday November 2 is All Souls Day. Be sure and write out your intentions for everyone you would like to in-clude in this year’s All Souls Novena. If you failed to pick up an intention card today, simply write them out on your own paper.


Last, but not least,

FALL BACK! Reset your clocks back one hour or else next Sunday morning, you will be at Mass very early. (I love falling back rather than springing forward.)

We keep each other in prayer. We pray for our country and for healing: physical, emotional, tem-peramental, spiritual.

In Jesus,
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