Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
...probably depends on what part of the saintly Body of Christ that you are talking about.

If you are in heaven, you have already voted.

If you are in purgatory, you are busy amending past choices and drawing closer to the Lord.

That only leaves one category: US.

What does it mean to “Vote?”

If it means making a choice, maybe the more important question is, what does one do to make sure that s/he has prepared well?

I’m hoping there is one thing we can all agree on: as Christians we have a unique gift to bring to the table, Prayer.

Writing this Twitch is a blessing for me because I’m not sure I would have remembered to do any praying without the prompting of the Spirit in wondering what I should Twitch about.

Obviously, many people have different approaches. I remember a dear friend, Rabbi David Auerbach, remarking to me one day at lunch, “Put five Jews in a room and you will have ten opinions.” (I’m sure David sees the Lord now. We were ordained – Jews call it ordination too – in the same year. We were ‘classmates.’)

In our days, we can feel the multiplicity of attitudes rattling around inside our stewpots of opin¬ions. Eventually, the hope is that each ingredient brought to the pot flavors the whole without ruining the whole dish. (Too much salt is my failing.)

I think many of us want to move through our current elections and not come out bleeding on the other side. Maybe that’s a little too dramatic, but I wish I could get over feeling I need to be prepared to duck.

Our prayer needs to cover not only our present choices, but our future hopes. We choose our leaders and our laws to create the environment that can best help each of us continue our journeys to the Lord, today and for eternity. For myself, I am praying for a generosity of spirit that will not only reflect itself in my choices, but also toward my fellow choosers.

We ask the Lord to help us make our choices conscientiously; con(with)-science(knowledge.) Lord, give us the vision, the courage and the generosity to make good informed decisions.

Like anything and everything else that is worthwhile, it takes work. Being patriotic for me means a commitment to treasure the brilliance of our “city on a hill” while doing all I can to make sure the sewer system works, too.

Don’t forget to give us your intentions for our All Souls Novena which begins tomorrow and runs through Nov. 10th.

As I wrote my intentions, I enjoyed thinking about all the members of my family who helped shape my life. I’ve been a very blessed man. You feel like you don’t have enough room on the card. I think God knows the list.

There were occasional little pebbles in my shoes along the way. I pray for them as well. Pebbles have a way of getting your attention and maybe improving your charity.

Don’t forget I’m as near as your telephone if there is anything you want to talk about. That’s better than grumbling in the hustings.

In the meantime, I’m yours In Jesus,
sign frjim

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