Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
I’ve told you in the past that writing these Twitches almost a week before you read them can be very challenging. The printing deadline is Tuesday (this week, Election Day). By the time you read this will we know: WHO WON?

As I think about it a little more, I realized that no matter who won, I hope our attitude would be the same, namely, as I wrote last week, Vote and Pray. (Annie suggested it might have been better to put it the other way around: Pray and Vote.)

Either way, we ask God to bless us as a people, a country, a force for good in the world.

As I pause, I realize that no matter who win, we all win. Isn’t that what being a democracy really means? Remember the problem that St. Paul had (among others) with the Corinthians? He takes them to task for dividing up into factions instead of remembering that they were all one in Christ Jesus.

I will admit that using Paul as a way of reflecting on our interesting political circumstances might seem to be a stretch, but why not? Isn’t division in any form challenging and often harmful? Some divisions can serve us, for example a division between good and evil. That demands we know which is which. Discerning which is which only comes to the wise who listen and often wait for clarity. The waiting bears fruit if waiting means praying while you wait.

Today I’m also wondering about another type of waiting. How long did it take to get the results, especially with all those mail-in ballots (including my own?) Many the election I remember staying up until all hours of the night. Why should this be different?

How timely is today’s gospel reading with the parable of the wise and foolish virgins preparing (or not preparing) their lamps in case the bridegroom came in the middle of the night.

I did a little reading on it and I don’t need to write you paragraphs on Jewish wedding customs at the time of Jesus. Without knowing those details, we get the point Jesus is trying to make: Be prepared! Like the bride and her bridesmaids, we need to be ready for the groom’s arrival.

The groom is arriving all the time. Each person who enters our orbit brings an invitation to “make a marriage,” to encounter the Spirit, to let the Lord use us.

Getting back to seeing advertisements for Prius instead of politicians will do a lot for my digestive system. (I don’t know what the plural of Prius is. Scholars vary. Prii, Priora, Priuses...? Just imagine more than one.)

Seriously, sometimes the personal vitriol was really sad. As we move on, we want to “shake the dust from our feet” and not let deeply felt past negatives wrench the precious future out of our hands.

As I said, I’m writing this before I know the outcome of the election. Having to think and write about this now, reminds me about the tools the Holy Spirit is always offering. I pray I will remember to pick them up. That’s how we maintain the great gift God has given us as citizens of the good old USA. Like any precious gift, it needs frequent polishing and wise use.

We must keep our country and its leaders in our prayers. Sounds like a quick pious throw-away line, doesn’t it? Crank it up a notch! There is nothing throwaway about tenaciously building an environment of peace.

In Jesus,

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