Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
We made it! We have completed another Church year. Christ the King reigns!

Or does He?... with all that is going on, are you tempted to wonder sometimes where He is? Look at your crucifix. There He is, suffering with us.

Remember Jesus coming to John the Baptist and getting in line with all the penitents that John was baptizing? John said to Jesus (in effect,) “What are you doing here? I should be baptizing you!” And Jesus said, “Do it for the sake of righteousness.” In other words, I choose to be a part of all these people so that when my Father looks at them, He will see me.”

Some King, indeed!

I found a website that has some great reflections on today’s feast day. I had to go to New Zealand, but it was worth the journey. I’m glad I wasn’t rowing. It is The site is oriented to young adults, but aren’t we all? ...young?

This feast day was created in the 1920’s by Pope Pius XI who was concerned about the rise of fascism and communism. It’s hard to think that it is nearly 100 years ago, but Pius XI’s concerns sure seem to have validity in our own time.

When you heard today’s gospel about the last judgement, indeed Jesus speaks of the Son of Man sitting on this throne. Usually kings sit in thrones.

But when we hear what that kingly person is doing, it sure puts a different twist on being a king.

The New Zealanders ask a question right up front: “Can the ‘poor’ call you righteous?”

As I said, for Jesus, ‘righteous’ meant identifying with the human race. Now we are being asked, can we identify with the poor. I have found myself wondering about the people in Central America after Eta and Iota. I wonder about guys standing at the intersections with signs and cans.

Needy or conmon? I told you about my friend who keeps some bills in his console in the car, and when he sees someone begging on a corner, he doesn’t question the need; he gives the buck or five and then replaces it for the next time. He lets God do the judging, because our ‘king’ is a king of justice and love. That’s not a bad way to end the church year.

Next week we start learning new ways to be Jesus for others. We’ll listen carefully to Mark in the next year. We pray his words let us see the poor and needy in our midst, the ones that are always there that we manage to tune out. Happy Old Year, and Happy New Year!

honeyWE HAVE WONDERFUL NEWS. Our Parish staff has a new addition.

As you may recall Frankie has gone to wait for us at the rainbow bridge. So... Annie visited Paws2care Coalition and found another ‘rescue’ who Annie has decided to name “Honey.” As soon as you see our new friend, you’ll understand.

Losing Frankie (and Ashley) was hard, but Honey looks like she is well on her way to making us feel better.

Annie was thinking of changing Honey’s name. She and Judy Fisher break down laugh-ing every time they envision me walking the dog and yelling, “Honey, time to go back in.”
I don’t think Honey’s name should change. It will keep the neighbors wondering. Kind of fun. Stay well.

In Jesus,

sign frjim

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