Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
I’m writing this letter on December 29th, the feast of the Holy Innocents, the wordless witnesses. Here are some hopes and dreams I have for 2021. May the coming year bless us, and with God’s help, heal us.

Happy New Year! I found this sort of crazy font called “Curtz” and thought it expressed our discombobulated moments. (I’ve waited years to use ‘discombobulated.’ Now seems the perfect time.)

We are confused, to say nothing of wearied at best. I won’t waste time over what you already know and feel.

  • Firstly, I want to be grateful for the gift of talented researchers who have and are coming up with Covid-19 vaccines. Amazing accomplishments!
  • I hope to be enjoying the fact that so many of us will be able to get the vaccine. Age has its ad¬vantages. I’m certainly going to get the vaccine and I hope you are going to do the same. Elders owe their kids a good example.
  • I am hoping that sometime before the Lord comes back the second time, the installation of new water lines in Harbour Beach will be finished. I’m so grateful for the company (RP Excavations) who hired another company to remove all the torn-up roadbed pavement piles so our parking lot would be more appealing for Christmas.
  • I’m hoping that by August I can go and visit each of my six siblings to show them that 80 isn’t bad at all.
  • I’m hoping that our new (and expensive) visual and audio set up is working okay to accommodate our winter numbers, although as it turns out many of our usual snowbirds are still birding in the frozen north. I am praying for all of them as well as all of you.
  • May our new AV system offer us more creative ways of outreaching into your homes, although as I’ve said before, I’m really hoping that this virus won’t give us ‘freedom’ to remain isolated and distanced from each other. You can’t hug a tweet.
  • Now, as well on January 1st, I will be sitting on my porch saying the rosary and praying for the safe flight of each plane and its passengers. I am also praying for the return of cruise ships blowing their horns during 5:00 Saturday Vigil Masses.
  • I will be grateful for all the wonderful Christmas cards that you sent me, as well as the good wishes that you sent to Annie, and Patricio and Judy.
  • On January 1st I will resist making resolutions (except for this one) and try instead to let the Lord resolve the cares and burdens of 2020 into a healing time and place for us in 2021. I wish us all to be a part of that for each other.
  • On January 1st I will be praying for the leadership of our country. There is a lot of turmoil, division and accusations swirling in our country.

We must not let these divisions become the bases of self-fulfilling prophecies. If there is a reason for our existence as a Christian community, it is to make the face of Jesus real. My angers only get in the way of being a peacemaker.

Am I talking about a second resolution here? Relying on God’s Holy Spirit, can I commit myself to puffing aside the swords and spears of nasty words and judg¬ments? I hope and pray so.2021 cannot take place despite us. We cannot simply let time “go by” as bystanders. 2021 must be a time when we take 2020’s experiences and learn from them. It’s not much different from Jesus going through Golgotha and emerging in Risen glory. What good will we bring out of these painful days? It is up to us.

In Jesus,
sign frjim

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