Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
Today is the final day of the Christmas season. We celebrate the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan river to mark the beginning of his public ministry. We put away the Nativity scene because now Jesus is an adult, but we still want to linger in the lights and warmth of the season. Next week, the wreaths and trees will find their way to careful storage. Thanks to Ann Murry and the Martini’s (Sue and Scott) for all their work It’s hard to believe Ash Wednesday is just five weeks away.

If the arms of Jesus were outstretched (and not swaddled) in the manger, now we see the adult Je-sus embrace His ministry under the full power of God’s Spirit.

Where will He go? What will He do? ‘Beginnings’ may not be the right heading for this Twitch because he really began when the Spirit conceived Him in Mary’s womb. He is presented in the Temple according to Jewish custom, and then we don’t hear any details of his youth save for his time in the Temple at the age of twelve.

Today we hear that His “public life” starts when St. Mark tells us Jesus saw the heavens “TORN” open and the Spirit descended upon Him like a dove. And then a voice: “You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased.” Wow! What an image.

We don’t hear it read today, but after hearing the voice, Mark says the Spirit drove Jesus into the desert. Fascinating... The first thing Jesus does in his public ministry is go on retreat. That ought to tell us something about the need for prayer and re-flection before we start out to do something im-portant.

That idea made me stop and pray. Writing to you is important, but even more so because of the events at the Capitol this past week.

The very first thing that came in my prayer is that on Tuesday, January 19th, the day before Inauguration Day, we will have a day of Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.

We will ask the Lord to bless our government and the new people now elected to lead our country. We will begin after 8:30 Mass and continue throughout the day in the Main Sanctuary.

Using the Main Sanctuary will allow more people to come. We will put out sign-up sheets. The event will be very safe. Space, masks and sprays, our new way of life. We couldn’t be doing it for a better reason. I SURE HOPE YOU’LL BE A PART OF THE DAY.

Annie called my attention to an interesting statistic. On Christmas, 2019, 859 people attended our Masses, and the collection was $18,143. This past 2020 Christmas, 375 folks were here and the collection was $17,780.

Pretty amazing, and something for which I am personally very grateful: 484 less persons, and $363 less dollars. The reason you rarely hear me talk about mon-ey is because I don’t have to. You know and you come through! I probably shouldn’t be puffing this in print because I will be the envy of many pastors...

With ABCD coming in a few weeks, its nice to know that the dependables will come through again. I presume nothing. I live in simple gratitude for all of you. In the present pandemic siege, more than ever we want to be able to reach out to whomever we can, both in moral and material support. ABCD is one way. We’re working through our own parish St. Vincent de Paul chapter as well. Thanks, Jim (Guerin.)

Hang in, good family. Not only shall we overcome... we are overcoming!

In Jesus,
sign frjim

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