Twilight Twitches

fetscherThis week has been interesting. I had this Twitch 3/4 finished last Monday when the power failures happened. There must have been untruths in the Twitch because when the power came back on the Twitch was gone. Four days later I’m trying again, and I can hardly remember what I had written.

So, we’ll try once more. The good news is I got my second Covid-19 vaccine shot. I had no problems with either the first shot or the second, not even soreness. Now I’m beginning to wonder if the vaccine I got was real... No, don’t worry. I’m kidding.

I must confess that I never thought of getting a shot of anything (unless it was good bourbon) as a privilege of old age. But I had to admit to myself that indeed, in this case, age has its privileges. I would have forgone the shot and waited if someone with a more critical need could have gotten it, but I realized all that would do is screw up the system. My fervent prayer is that all of us can be vaccinated as soon as possible.

AND... I WILL continue using the Mask and the various washing liquids, and we WILL continue using the social spacing practices as well as continually cleaning the sanctuary between uses. We must keep it up until we are told otherwise, but I expect it will be the Fall before the system changes.

I must say, it saddens/angers me when I see the masking requirements simply and obviously being ignored. I jump to hasty conclusions like, “OK with me if you don’t care about yourself, but I care about me and I want to care about you, too.” Sometimes, I can catch myself from going down that road, and simply pray for the unmasked folk I’m looking at. I’m working at making the prayer come a little quicker. It’s fascinating how anger seems to pop up faster than prayer. But that’s just me. I admire people who can get to prayer right away, and I thank God that they are around to remind me how to deal with the ‘challenges’...

On a much happier note, the delay in writing this Twitch let me share with you the updated numbers from our 2021 ABCD outreach.

As of Friday, we have reached 56.86% of our goal, that’s $63,855 out of $112,284. We’ve heard from 80 households. Thank you for filling out the envelopes so we won’t have to make an outreach to people who already responded. If you haven’t made a pledge yet, maybe the Lord delayed you because He wanted the number to be bigger????? OK. Sorry about that. I live in hope!

Ann Murry reminded me that Ash Wednesday is only ten days away. We were talking about our violet and “rose” drapes and Easter colors as well. However, semi-restricted we may seem to be, I look forward to celebrating our core Feast of our Faith this year.

Listening to Job in this weekend’s scriptures makes you wonder just how bad a hair day he was having.

Missing Easter 2020 was tough. It feels like so much longer than just 10 months ago. I guess we have lived a lot of life since then. But that’s the point: Job made it out of gloom and so shall we.

How about today? We made it to Super Bowl 2021. I still haven’t picked a team, the Chiefs for Archbishop Keleher, or the Bucs for Florida loyalty, undiminished old folk or stimulating youth. Maybe a little ‘brash’ works for both Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes. I’ll pop a Sam Adams Seasonal and hope the best for both of them and all of them. If I have a second, I’ll pop it for you. On second thought, I’ll pop you with Tom and Patrick and just have one.

In Jesus,
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