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fetscherDear Family,
Do you have a mental list of names of people you really intend to call... one of these days? That’s where the header on this Twitch is coming from.

This week I received the news about the death of Sister Mary Tindal. O.P. She was an Adrian Dominican. That community has a long history in this diocese, Barry University being one of their great accomplishments.

Mary was a great musician. When we began the Office of Worship for the Archdiocese of Miami in 1978, she brought her skills to many. For many years she was the music director at St. Mary’s Cathedral. I was stationed there in the early 80’s and had the chance to work closely with her not only in the cathedral but in the Worship Office.

Liturgy wasn’t exactly on the top of many pastors lists of priorities in those days, but that’s a story for another time. Sometimes Mary and I would commiserate and then see if we could come up with Plan B. Actually, it was closer to Plans M, Q and Z.

Mary’s wit, sometimes a little acerbic, was what we needed to keep the musical boat afloat. I want to stress slightly acerbic. Bottom line: Mary was a good friend.

We talked by phone sometime back, but I hadn’t seen here for over a year. So naturally, when the news of her death came, I felt really lousy. I hadn’t called recently.

Mary’s passing to the Lord was not my only personal loss and I’ve been really thinking about the whole business of contact. I mentioned Father Jim Murtagh last week. A good friend Dan Shevis, called last week with the news of Jim’s death. Somehow in the conversation we decided that one good idea for Lent would be to list the folks we really mean to talk to. Only NOW, put it on paper, not just a mental memo. Then, call one each day.

I’m going to stop worrying about whether it’s a good time to call. I’ll ask them. If it isn’t good, they can tell me. I just won’t use worrying about that as a phony excuse for never making the call.

Next Sunday, March 14th we go on Daylight Savings Time. We will have more light at night. Since COVID-19 keeps us from a Penitential Service, I will be available on Monday and Thursday evenings at 6:00 p.m. We don’t have a large number of people who work, but this can help for those who do. I’ll stay there as long as there are customers. I will also stay after 8:30 morning Mass on Monday and Thursday as long as I have customers. AND... you can always call and set up an appointment.

I sincerely hope you’ll try and celebrate reconciliation. To prepare, prayerfully pause and write down some failings. Remember, usually omission is bigger than commission, but harder to identify. Writing helps you focus. “Confession” isn’t supposed to be some sort of quick and easy sin bin. It’s “RECONCILIATION.” People reconcile. Waste baskets don’t. The primary reconciliation that’s going on is you and the Lord.

Remember that phrase I’ve used and put on my personal cards? It is the personal creed of Father John Fuellenbach, SVD:

I am loved unconditionally,
I am forgiven completely,
I am never alone.

Reconciliation wants us to celebrate unconditional forgiveness and a lasting friendship with Jesus.
In Him,
sign frjim

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