Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
A Blessed and Happy Easter. Welcome to our visitors. I’m so grateful we have had the ability to outfit the parish hall with a live feed of our liturgies with the Eucharist.

The team has been wonderful; Patricio Diaz-Pizzaro with endless furniture arranging, super musician-turned-techie Peter Manfredi with his tireless creativity and work in making the new slides for the readings and hymns we use during the liturgies, and Annie Gardner who coordinated the volunteers who “sanitize” the pews each weekend. You’ll find them named across the page in a special corner of thanks. (I was going to make some reference to Annie as the parish’s special Easter Bunny, but after due consideration thought better of the idea. We simply say, “Thanks Annie, for everything.”)

I’ve talked to more than a few people in the last couple of weeks who have spoken of how concerned they were about coming to Mass.

When I assured them that their concern was precisely why Archbishop Wenski – along with the bishops of the country - lifted the Sunday Mass obligation, they said something that began like, “Yes, but...” Why is it so hard to make adjustments to habits, even if the habits are virtues?

Along with some other words that I don’t want to hear or see like “Fattening, Exercise, etc....” I am now more than ready to add “Covid.”

The last thing I expected to be doing in an Easter letter is writing about a corona virus disease whatever its number. Perhaps Holy Week is a good time because the virus has certainly been a cross to carry for millions - even billions of people around the world.

Who would have thought that a vaccine might be the hope for those billions, our Light at the end of a long siege? We must do all we can as a country to see that vaccines are provided and distributed throughout the world. What a great privilege we have to become a standout nation rising to its capabilities to do good. That’s a Resurrection.

Joining the Risen Lord in the Light of His glory is the hope we share as Christians. Vaccines flow from people using their God-given gifts.

I have the image of Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the director of the Center for Disease Control, ardently pleading with us, even if we have received a Covid vaccine, NOT to relax the precautions we take with masks and washing and spacing.

She tells us, indeed there is a Light in the vaccine, but if we don’t continue our precautions, and finish as quickly as we can getting the country vaccinated, we run the risk of giving virus variants a foothold. I’m not a doctor, obviously, but I hope we have the good sense to listen to the experts.

I suspect that if someone isn’t ready to let the Risen Jesus be the Light of his/her salvation, they probably wouldn’t listen to the pleas of a smart doctor. I am sure that none of us fall in that category. “Capisci?”

Thanks for your many Easter greetings to the parish team. I couldn’t have better people to work with and I pray that all of us can celebrate this very strange year with some new insights that do nothing but bring us closer to the Risen Lord. You have all our prayers to that end,

In Jesus, our Risen Lord and Savior,
sign frjim

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