Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
Before anything else, on behalf of Annie, Patricio, Judy, Peter and Sue, thank you once again for all your kind Easter cards and greetings.

Again, I thank Sue and Scott Martinez and Ann Murry who did a wonderful decoration job with all the flowers. After Good Friday, Judy Fisher, Maryellen Maher, and Mary Wood stayed and helped set up the sanctuary for Holy Saturday.

We’ll be able to enjoy the Easter drapes until Pentecost. Each time I look up, I’ll be grateful for the whole team who made it all work.

I had this letter half written and somehow managed to lose it on my laptop. I thought maybe the Lord wasn’t happy with what I had written, but we will never know, because except for the opening two paragraphs, I can’t remember what was there.

As I think about gratitude, I find myself thinking about what the Lord did for us, his death and Resurrection. That gift keeps bringing me back to the “creed” I’ve been sharing with you, namely, “I love you unconditionally, I forgive you completely, I will never leave you alone.” I hope Father Fuellenbach won’t mind my adaptation of his original.

I want to keep feeling gratitude, because that gratitude makes me want to look at the world I live in as Jesus looks at it. I’m hoping that I can treat each person I meet as He would.

Of course, you know we are all in this boat together. All of us want to be able to live out our ‘attitude of gratitude,’ rowing as a team.

If you run into me and I’m mumbling something like “Thank you, Jesus” under my breath, you’ll know I’m trying to be grateful. And if I hear you mumbling, I’ll know what you’re doing, too. (I can just hear Aunt Peggy saying, “Stop mumbling.”)

holygratitudeSpeaking of gratitude, our little building project is creeping along. The architect is drawing up plans for the kitchen, a storeroom, and a decent welcoming sign in front of our grounds. The great thing about archi¬tects is that they take the plans to the city for the permits et al. Praise the Lord for patient architects.

Someone asked if the sign would say “Eat at Jim’s” - given the kitchen. The answer is “NO!”

However, I do look forward to being able to gather again for our dinners. Someone in the neighborhood (a non-parishioner) told one of you that they hoped we’d be back in business soon. They liked the food and the company. I like to think St. Sebastian is an important part of the neighborhood, and if we can invite people to a good meal, more power to us. Maybe our “Gratitude” will rub off and we’ll find we recruited a few more disciples.

Easter is best celebrated with people being baptized into the Body of Christ. I thought you might enjoy this “remembrance” of a baptism.

Be well in the Risen Lord,
sign frjim

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