Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
Who is under the mask? I keep wondering. It’s pretty embarrassing when you are three minutes into a conversation, and you really don’t know to whom you are speaking. T. J. Sharpe and I may be the only ones immediately recognizable. We do have elegantly shaped heads.

That thought may seem a strange way to begin a Twitch on the Feast of the Ascension (i.e. Seventh Sunday of Easter). Basically, what we celebrate on this feast is an idea that emerges from the gospels. Matthew, Mark and Luke tell us in one way or another that Jesus returned to his Father. In John, Jesus says to Mary Magdalene, “Do not hold on to me for I have not yet ascended to my father.”

The significance is that the Father of Jesus will now become the Father of the disciples because, once ascended, Jesus can give them the Spirit that comes from the Father and they can be reborn as God’s children (Jn 3:5). That is why He calls them “my brothers.” And of course, next Sunday we remember that coming of the Spirit in the Feast of Pentecost.

What prompted me to ask the question, “What do you look like?” was a wonderful reflection I found at Creighton University’s Online Ministry page. Check out the Daily Reflection for today. Molly Mattingly of the campus ministry shows us an extraordinary picture by Salvador Dali that is a remarkable way of seeing the Ascension. It is worth your time to look at Dali’s picture and read Molly’s reflection.

I had never seen the picture. It reminded me very much of just how hard it can be to really see someone if you are used to seeing them from other perspectives.

The masking has made me think about how little I really do know about people because I haven’t looked more closely, or even perhaps be¬cause they don’t want to be seen too closely.

And the point???? If Jesus is trying to use you to tell me something, and I’ve “masked” you out, then how will He speak to me, and vice-versa? Hopefully, we won’t run so fast from the Covid experience that we fail to stop and ask ourselves, “What can we learn?”


I just deleted the list of directions that was here about maintaining our masks and spaces, etc.

I wrote that last Tuesday. Then came THURSDAY and Annie said she would rerun the bulletin so that we could rejoice in the news we received on Thursday.
Remember the ceremony we had one Lent about writing down our sins and then puffing them in a small fire we had set up? Well, for a minute I was thinking about having a bonfire that we could call the Holy Burn-ing of the Masks ceremony.

Maybe that’s a little too much, so I’ll just say “Thank you Lord. Please bring us back to ‘normality’ - whatever that is - and help us to never forget the nearly 600,000 people who died just in our own country.” We grieve with their families.

As time passes, we will also reflect – I hope – on what lessons this experience has taught us. For one thing, the beginning of this Twitch makes an important point about the way we look at people.

For me personally, as I said, I’m more aware of how little I really know about people, including the ones closest to me.

A good point might be to reflect on the wonderful mysteries that we people really are. That’s a pretty good reflection of the One who created us, The Mystery of Mysteries. In good times and in bad, we have come to discover that this “Mysterious One” has chosen to tell us a great deal about his love in what Jesus has done for us. That has been the best “unmasking” of all.

Praise God for the next chapters in our lives.

In Jesus,
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