Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
We learned it as little kids: One God and Three Persons. I don’t remember if I ever wondered about that. That was what Sister Madelpha taught me, so I never doubted it was true. I think my bottom-line feeling about it all was a comforting sense that God loved us. Did I need to know anything else?

After all these years, and multitudes of theological courses and researched backgrounds for homilies - I really do on occasion - and more than a little pon¬dering, I find out that I still have the same conviction that God still has it all worked out and still loves us, despite us...

Somewhere along the line, in addition to one God and three persons, we eventually got to the part about two natures. Jesus was both God and man. He was the visible sign of God’s love. Pretty easy, no? Hmmm...

So, celebrating the Trinity is really a big deal, even if we may feel somewhat fogged in by the Mystery of it all. I capitalize “Mystery” because how else would you talk about God’s Being except in capital letters. Even more striking is the outflow of that Being, Bottomless Love. Okay. I’ll quit using the shift key, but I‘m trusting that you’re getting my point. As I’m given to saying on occasion, “It’s all wonderful!”

Today’s readings told us that Moses asked, “Was it ever heard of? Did a people ever hear the voice of God speaking from the midst of fire, as you did, and live?

Paul told the Romans and us that because we hear the voice of God, “we cry, ‘Abba, Father!’”

Then Matthew told us Jesus said, “make disciples of all nations...”

That’s the work of the Trinity, God acting in our midst. Not only does He act, He also commissions us in the same way Jesus commissioned His disciples.
We know all this. For myself, knowing is not the issue. Active remembering is!

Trinity Sunday gives us an opportunity to try and see how the parts all fit together. Basically, we do what we do because we constantly recall what has been done for us. What else can “Do this in memory of me” really mean? It’s not simply the bread becoming His body, the wine His blood; it is the whole life of Jesus laid out as a model for us. That’s what we are asked to do.

And if we still have a hard time remembering what our call is, the Church will kick it up a notch on next Sunday when we celebrate the Feast of the Body and Blood of the Lord, Corpus Christi. Trinity Sunday and Corpus Christi are not postscripts to the Easter season. They are EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!
This weekend, by coincidence, as Americans we cele-brate Memorial Day. We remember all who died in our ser¬vice over two centuries. War is never a good thing. Generous Service is. Tomorrow, even if you are not able to visit a cemetery, you can say the following prayer.

Most Loving Father,
On this Day of Remembrance,
we prayer for our brothers and sisters who have
passed from death in service to all of us, to life in com-
pany with the Lord Jesus.
Purify them of any faults and welcome them among
all the saints in heaven.
We ask this through Christ our Risen Lord and Savior.

May we all live in God’s Peace,
sign frjim

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