Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
Here we are finally! Ordinary Time.

We have moved from the saving events of Lent/ Triduum/Eastertime, plus two exclamation point feasts added on to celebrate God’s love for us, most especially in the feeding we receive with Eucharist. We have moved into Ordinary Time.

Do you feel Ordinary? I don’t. It’s more like being launched on a glide path to interesting places. Jeff Bezos is taking his brother with him when he goes to float in space in July, but I didn’t get an invitation.

So... I will glide in my own little orbit wherever the Holy Spirit sees fit. After all, the Holy Spirit does some of its best work in “ordinary” places, like our lives.

Ordinary sounds very dull, doesn’t it? But when you go to the Oxford Dictionary you find many things. In our own Catholic tradition, the word has special meaning; e.g. the ordinary of the Mass, the parts that don’t change from week to week, a base, a foundation. The bishop is called the Ordinary in that his authority goes with his very office. We often refer to the bishop as our Ordinary.

Ordinary things have the ability to bring order into situations. Order isn’t a bad thing. There is a sense of dependability that allows us enough sense of well-being so that if something does hit the fan, as the saying goes, we don’t get blown away.

When it comes to the gospels, we hear the story of the many things Jesus said and did. This year we are hearing from Mark. Since Mark is the shortest gospel, we will also have some of John’s gospel thrown into the mix around August or so.

Matthew, Mark and Luke are the synoptic gospels. That means when compared to each other, they more or less look similar, that is syn (with) and optic (eye.) More to the point they bring order to the telling of the story of Jesus. (John does his own thing, because by the time he writes his gospel, everybody knows the who, what, where and when. John goes into more detail about the “WHY.”)

Now, just when I have almost put you to sleep with a tedious reflection about the word, ‘ordinary,’ don’t forget that precisely because the Word of God is living and active, we can expect to be zapped in un-ordinary ways. The ‘orderly’ consistent presentation of the Good News always has the power to awaken in each of us a whole truckload of new and often surprising reactions. Why?

The order of the gospels hasn’t changed, but we have. Every time the word is proclaimed, it comes to new situations because we aren’t the same people we were the last time we heard a particular part of the gospel. Of course, if you think nothing has changed, then check your pulse. Call Peter M. He doesn’t particularly want your business but in the order of things he is there to serve.

Speaking of serving, I’d like to share an experience of serving that was wonderful. There is a new restaurant on 17th street called Indian Harbour. It’s where Don Shula’s hamburger place used to be... (around the corner from where Bravo’s used to be sigh...)

I was blown away with Lamb Cheƫnadu. Father Biju Vells joined me. It’s great to have a person who knows Indian food with you. (Mary, his mom, is a great cook.) The manager and the people who brought the meal couldn’t have been nicer. All in all, add it to your list of great eateries along 17th Street. There’s a wonderful menu I am dedicated to working my way through.

Talk about the Ordinary having the power to surprise you. May Jesus make all our moments Extra-ordinary!

In Him,
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