Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
What a week! Annie and I think we could have easily (and gratefully) skipped it. There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff regarding building maintenance, etc. You may have noticed some discoloration on the beam toward the altar area which it turns out is not a leak (thank God) but moisture from humidity build-up. We can paint it with a mold resistant paint. The product is called “Kilz.” (All I can think of is TS Eliot’s Murder in the Cathedral.)

Another project underway is the installation of three gates at the entrances to the property, two on the south side of the Sanctuary and one at the main entrance. The use of the parking lot at night has continued to be a long-standing problem and this should finally solve it. It’s one of those situations where the sins of a few spill onto the lives of the many. I don’t have any problem with kids parking to go to the beach. Unfortunately, some of the night crowd (who obviously are not working on a tan) leave the place littered and have also disturbed the neighborhood.

Meanwhile... cracks in the floor of the main Sanctuary around the perimeter of the building also came up. Some long-time parishioners may remember that in 1994, it was necessary to vacate the Sanctuary so that 97 pin pilings could be placed under the entire floor. It worked very well and the floor stopped sinking. The only problem is that in the last 27 years the rest of the outside walls kept sinking. That is why you can see a little ridge under the carpeting, espe¬cially at the entrance near the baptismal font. As I write, a structural engineer is looking it all over. Kind of weird, but I don’t know how this Twitch is going to end.

I do know that whatever is going to be required is something we will be able to do, and still add the long-desired (at least on my part) kitchen and storeroom additions to McDonnell Hall. I’m just asking the Lord for time to see it through.

That’s a lot of info you probably didn’t need to know. It sure isn’t what I would like to be talking about in a Twitch. Still, I read something that gave me a little light. It was written by Cindy McMahon in Creighton University’s daily reflections. She said,

“How often do we think about the fact that we are called? Each day when we open our eyes and a new day has dawned for us, we are called. We are called to rise, and then we are called to do something, often many things. Most days we have a to-do list a mile long and obligations that we take for granted, at work and/or at home.”

She continues, “If you click on these daily reflections, you are being called. You may think it is an act of your will, or habit, but you are responding to a call, an invitation. When my neighbor asks me to pick up her mail while she is on vacation, I am responding to God’s call to be of service. Likewise, when I resist the temptation to spread gossip or nurse a grudge, I am responding to a call. When we work together with a team to accomplish an improvement in our community, we are saying yes to a call. When you conserve energy and recycle, you are answering God’s call to care for our planet and our resources.”

So, I am hoping and believing that all the things I’m experiencing and doing with building maintenance, etc. is part of my call. It is all a part of doing whatever it takes to create a community of believers. It’s about giving that community a place to gather. It’s about making sure we are so well-gathered that we feel impelled to be Jesus for the rest of the community in which we live. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

God bless those who will be helping us attend to our structures. After Surfside, I have a deeper appreciation for the people who build. May all of us know the Lord’s help in doing our jobs.

In Jesus,
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