Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
If you check the thesaurus for “assume” you see a long list of words and phrases. Buried in the middle is the phrase “take up.” Finally, some help to shape the word Assumption: Mary is “taken up.”

We sing the praises of Mary because she said “Yes” to the invitation of the angel to become the mother of God’s Son. Her body was a very special place – a true Tabernacle.

Recall a little theology 101. Because of her “Yes” Mary was preserved from original sin. It’s that sin and its effects that cause our bodies to die. She did not experience bodily death and when her moment came to leave this earth she was “Taken up” into the arms of her welcoming Son. What a reunion.

The rest of us follow because Jesus became one of us and broke that barrier of the original sin.

One good thing about lasting 80 years is that there are still new things to see and new ideas to appreciate. That one I just realized about the reunion of Mary and Jesus is pretty powerful for me. I live in hope.

Last week I shared Matthew Kelly’s three appointments from his latest book, Life is Messy. (By the way, I called them and got permission to reprint it after all.) The appointments were with self, God and finally death. That last one was not as morbid as it might sound. If you read the Twitch you know that.

As Kelly said, “If living a meaningful life depends on filling our lives with meaningful activity, these three appointments should figure regularly on our schedule. These three appointments help us to weed out the meaningless from the meaningful.”

I believe Mary kept those appointments. “Be it done unto me according to your word” meant that she had to have a good sense of self to be able to allow God’s will. For her “death” would have been a seamless transition from life in this world to life in the next. God “took her up.” The only age she has is an eternal one.

At the risk of making a transition from the sublime to the ridiculous, speaking of age, all I can say is 80 x 1000 thank you’s for all the good wishes and calls and birthday cards you have sent my way.

It was fascinating to see how many cards included the number 80. Not one duplicate. It must mean that more and more of us are reaching it, because Hallmark wouldn’t be making any money on unused cards.

I remember when I reached the big “40.” The question seemed to be could someone survive being that old. So much for silly questions. A better question would have been, “How well am I living my life?” As Kelly said, it comes down to how much meaningful activity marks my life.

As I look back (briefly), one thing I’ve learned is that it’s the Lord’s work. My life-long prayer has been “Lord, don’t let me get in the way.” Often, He used me and those are the happy memories. When someone says something complimentary, almost instantly I know whose work it is.

Still, there were moments when I resisted being His in¬strument by doing my own thing. Maybe I’ve been given these many years to get it right.

Meanwhile, I have mornings like today (I’m writing this on my birthday) when I wake up and the first thought was, “Thanks Mom and Dad. God bless you and the great family He helped you create.”

Peace and blessings on all your heads (and any other parts in need) no matter how old they are!
In Jesus,
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