Twilight Twitches

msgrfetscherDear Family,
Our Twitching begins with a pragmatic issue, namely the revelation of termites in our parish center. We will tent the entire complex this week. The tents come on Tuesday morning, February 1, and come off by 5 p.m. on Thursday, February 3.

It will take $13,000+ to remove our little friends from our midst. Who knew termites could be so expensive? I suppose that is better than having the roof collapse on our heads or some more expensive fate. Once the bugs are thoroughly removed, we will be able to patch up the areas they have already affected and you won’t even see a trace of their presence. Of course, there will always be a “warm” memory in my financial heart. I make it sound like it’s my money. Only in part. I know it’s also yours.

When St. Paul shared with us the beautiful passage from I Corinthians about loving that we heard this weekend, I doubt he had termites in mind. I wonder what St. Francis of Assisi would think about termites.

Anyway, thank God for good folk who can restore us to wholeness.

On a holier note, (a better type of hole),...

This week, on Wednesday, we celebrate the Feast of the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple. It is also known as Candlemas Day. Check out There you will find some great info on the history of the day. As they say, there are almost as many ways of celebrating the day as there are Christian sects to celebrate it.

Blessing household candles is a long-standing tradition. The Lord calls all of us to be “light-bearers” to the world. He Himself lights our way and the candles remind us of His presence.

We also celebrate the feast of St. Blaise this week who was martyred in 318. He was by tradition a physician who cured people of various illnesses and the famous one is removing the fishbone stuck in a child’s throat.

We come to treasure these customs of prayer and light. Next Sunday we will bless throats and bless household candles.

There couldn’t be a better time to ask God to protect our health and pour our His light as we help each other through the challenges of COVID.

In advance, thank you for your generous response to the 2022 ҉ A B C D ҉. This year our goal is $119,234.63. I have been chuckling to myself ever since I saw the 63 cents. I was toying with telling you that if you covered the $119,234 I’d take care of the $.63.

You have good reason to be proud of what A B C D does, i.e. what you do. You see it reflected in the poster and the brochure, but it’s only a summary of how the Church of Miami works on a broader level than just our parish. How are we Christ? How are we the Body of Christ? When’s the last time you smiled at someone? There’s your answer. There are all kinds of ways of smiling. Whether it’s the 63 cents or maybe a little more, or even a smile at the current thorn in your side, we do it all
In Jesus,
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