Twilight Twitches

msgrfetscherDear Family,
We are growing closer to our ABCD goal. As of my writing, we have heard from 86 households and have a pledge of $71, 556.78. That’s 60% of the goal. We are getting there. PUUULLLEEESE, if you haven’t filled out a pledge yet, your aging pastor would be very relieved if you did so.

Speaking of aging – or NOT aging as the case may be, one highlight of my past week was renewing the wedding vows of Bill and Joan Fuccillo who celebrated their 69th wedding anniversary. I checked to see if there is a special name for the 69th. That has to wait until next year when Bill and Joan will celebrate 70 years of marriage. I fully expect they will. Then they shall officially be PLATINUM!

We made a special insert page this week to bring you the results of the parish Synod Workshop that we had last November. Some weeks ago, I sent the Archdiocese the report you are seeing this week. Actually, yours looks a little better than the one I sent. Annie tweaked the typos. I tried to increase the size of the type and still keep it on one two-sided page. I hope from time to time you look at it. Apropos of one of the suggestions, as soon as we can gather without going nuts over COVID and spacing guidelines, we can have a town hall meeting.

As I was summarizing all the input from the tables, I was very happy about the results. As I think I mentioned before, at first, I was a little jarred because some of the reactions just didn’t seem to reflect life at St. Sebastian. Then someone tactfully reminded me that St. Sebastian was not the only parish that people were reacting to.

The reason why we will continue to jointly pray the Synod prayer each weekend is that the process its way to the Bishops Conference and ultimately to the Holy Father.

On Thursday we celebrated the Mass of Christian Burial for Charlotte Newbury. Charlotte was responsible for all the drapes you’ve seen hanging next to the Cross for the last number of years. She’s also the lady who shortened my albs as I shrank. NO one in my recent memory so identified with the Cross of Christ as Charlotte did in the progression of the cancer she endured. Her faith was translucent and I think it touched everyone who met her in the last months. Thanks to Scott and Sue M. for being her faithful communion “bringers” and to Annie for her Communion visits with Honey from whom Charlotte loved to get a cuddle. That was one of Charlotte’s last smiles. To Sally, Char-lotte’s daughter, our heartfelt empathy. As much as I appreciated not tripping over my alb, I’ll miss even more a generous smile.

I’d like to make what my seem as an unusual request, at least in a Twitch. I would like you to pray especially hard for Archbishop Wenski, and by extension our whole Archdiocese. I know we do it every time we celebrate Mass. A couple of things came up on my viewscreen recently that has me thinking of him. You know I taught him briefly in the seminary a thousand years ago. We have an ongoing discussion as to just how much I may – or may not - have taught him.

Nevertheless, as you may have seen in the current Florida Catholic, the Archbishop with other community leaders is currently fighting the battle on behalf of immigrant children. For all the years of my priestly ministry, children, e.g. the famous Pedro Pan event that brought Cuban children to Miami, set the tone for the Church’s attitude which our Archbishop continues. Tom has been part of this since day one going back to seminary days as a student. God bless him and strengthen his ministry.

In Jesus,
sign frjim

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