Twilight Twitches

msgrfetscherDear Family,
I intended to head this Twitch with “Building the Kitchen” and Kitchen came out Kingdom. I will ponder deeply any possible hidden meaning this may have. One possibility might be that Kitchen building IS Kingdom building.

For sure, I believe that heaven has a fully equipped kitchen. My hope is that we can anticipate the heavenly Kingdom by building an earthy Kitchen. When you think about it, a heavenly meal is what we are all about every time we gather in our worship home to break the Bread and drink the Cup.

...And how long have you been faithfully bringing food to place in our DRIVE OUT HUNGER grocery carts? Hopefully, that food finds its way to kitchens to feed those who are hungering. We have a concern for the hungry.

It’s been so long since I presented a vision of building a kitchen that some are even asking “What kitchen?” Others also (still) ask, “Why, kitchen.” Remember the movie, ‘Field of Dreams?’ Kevin Costner was determined to build a baseball field in the middle of nowhere. When asked who would even come, the response was, “If you build it, they will come.”

That’s my response to building our kitchen. I don’t think we even can begin to imagine the uses it will receive, but I am convinced that not only will it serve our needs and open up doors to more parish activities. I also think that we’ll find way of increasing our outreach to the poor.

I know we couldn’t have a neighborhood soup kitchen. Imagine things getting so bad that Harbour Inlet would need a soup kitchen. On second thought, don’t imagine that. You never know. I do know that imagination can open doors to opportuni¬ties we normally might not think of. Ask Barry and Marcia Hogan about doing outreach to the hungry.

Why not from our kitchen? Just asking...

My happy news is that the architect and the engineers were here twice this past couple of weeks checking out utility lines and sewer flow and all the other exciting things you need to know about before you can start digging anything. I live in hope that the summer will see us through the final preparations. The plans need to be put out for bids and the city (which has already indicated that we have no problems building the kitchen and a storeroom) then must review, etc. etc. etc.

I’ve told some of you that I feel I have at least until 2029 on this earth, because the state of Florida renewed my driver’s license until then, and I have every intention of using it all up. I don’t expect to be waiting that long for a shovel-in-the-ground moment. Dare I say the Fall? No, I don’t dare say that because I’m still Irish enough to feel I’d jinx it.

Remember that I said from the beginning that we would not go into debt to build the kitchen and that we needed to have the money on hand. Little did I dream just how well the Lord would provide for us when we received the proceeds of the sale of the house next to the rectory. We will also be able to add to our Catholic Community Foundation investment. The interest which the CCF produces just about covers the lean income summer months.

We are very close resuming Coffee and Donuts on Sunday mornings.

Are there some among you who would be willing to help? What we did in the past was ask one couple to honcho a small group one Sunday a month. (Those who picked the fifth Sunday got the brownie points and a few Sundays off as well.)

If you might be willing to help give Annie a call at the parish office. The one thing I sincerely DO NOT want to happen is for Annie to be doing the running as she already volunteered to do. I said NO. (Nicely...)

In Jesus,
sign frjim

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