Twilight Twitches

msgrfetscherDear Family,
Last Tuesday our Pastoral Council had its first face-to-face encounter in many moons. We gathered in the rectory. It was good to have their smiling faces in the living room after so long.

We reviewed many things including bringing them up to date on the plans for the kitchen and the storage room additions. I covered most of that info in last week’s Twitch.

One of the members pointed out something I hadn’t noticed in the April 2022 edition of the Miami edition of The Florida Catholic. It was an edition filled with news of ordinations and anniversaries. It wasn’t until page 20 that there was a great article by Staff writer Ana Rodriguez-Soto, (a great lady.)

Ana wrote a great summary of the Synod material that arose throughout the Archdiocese. I think it’s so good that we will reprint it in a future bulletin.

There are a number of things that we can do better as I go through the summary and our Pastoral Council will work hard to implement the ideas.

Another matter we addressed at our meeting was a social calendar for 2022-23. At this point we are prayerful and hopeful that further waves of COVID will not stop us from doing so.

One event we hope we can pull off is a BBQ/ Ice Cream Social this summer. The date is July 17th later in the afternoon. It was nice to see the various council members reacting enthusiastically to being able to get together again.

As the events firm up, we will put the dates in the bulletin for the rest of the activities we dis¬cussed. We also need to enlist your help in renewing and revising our activities.

You will remember that last week I talked about getting Coffee and Donuts back on the road. I gently suggested that I didn’t want Annie winding up doing everything and hoped some folk would come forward.

Someone (I don’t know who) suggested to Annie that Dunkin’ Donuts would deliver. In my mind, I thought “and your point...?”

Well, unfortunately, the delivery guy or girl does not make the coffee, put out the plates and the garbage bins, arrange the tables or do wipe down between the Masses. Nor do they make sure that there is orange juice for the kids.

You can’t blame me for laughing out loud. Annie smiled, sort of... I’m sure you get the point and I hope you’ll be moved to help out.

The Pastoral Council is going to invite some parish leaders together to do some brainstorming and I thank them in advance for their terrific support. By the way, we made a wonderful discovery that maybe you already know about: Dough Boys makes absolutely the best lasagna I have had, to say nothing of their garlic rolls. I feed the Council the best and they give me their best!

Finally, one Council member spoke about what each of us can do to encourage people to start coming back to Mass. The Mass broadcast has been a blessing when we couldn’t come. Now we can. How long has it been that some people have not received Communion? We have good ministers who bring Communion to those who ask, but that number is small compared to those who are normally here. If you know someone who could come now, risk it and invite them back!

Taking Baby Steps in Jesus,
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