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msgrfetscherDear Family,
I originally began this Twitch on May 13th. I was trying to get a head start. Then the world exploded. First the shootings at the market in Buffalo and then the added horror of Uvalde...

I am numb and have been asking the Spirit to help me think straight and open myself to God’s direction. I’m not just talking about writing this Twitch, but also some vision as to how the gospel speaks to us in all this. I got one answer, or at least the beginning of an answer.

When the Buffalo shooting happened, America magazine published online a compelling article by Nicholas D. Sawicki. I want to recommend that you spend some time in prayer, and then go online and read it. Simply search for <Nicholas D. Sawicki>. It will take you to Sawicki references. Click the one that has AMERICA after his name. Then click on the first article entitled: “Three questions White Catholics must ask themselves after the racist shooting in Buffalo”

Racism is a topic we simply don’t want to have to deal with, but the tragedy of Buffalo was bare-bones racism. I fear something like that could happen in any black community, or any place that is home to people of color.

Sawicki’s reflection creates a space that helps try and answer his questions.

The three questions are, 1) How do we fight a culture of death? 2) How do we hold accountable those in public life who sacrifice life in their lust for power? 3) What does our tradition demand that we do?

When I was a kid and we had just moved to Florida, Dad took me food shopping with him. I came to the water fountains. One was ‘white’ and one was ‘colored.’ I tried them both, but no color came out of the colored fountain. I asked Dad what it was all about. I can’t remember what he said because all I can remember is the expression on his face. My father didn’t have a prejudiced bone in his body, and he was overwhelmed. I guess the sadness in his face said it all.

This Twitch originally started with noting two dates. The first is Memorial Day.

Memorial Day is... observed on the last Monday of May. It is a national day of remembrance for honoring all who served in the military and died; whether in combat, line of duty, illness, or wounds seen and unseen. The day offers a chance to reflect on the unique lives of these heroes and their ethos of selfless service.”

Every day is Memorial Day for the families of our nation’s fallen heroes. TAPS cares for all those grieving the loss of a military loved one. (Check out T*A*P*S online from which a took these words.)

When I read the phrase I marked in red, I stopped stone cold. Among other things, all I could think of was those who have served going through PTSD and how long it took us as a country to really understand what that meant, much less help.

I won’t let myself get caught up in arguments, some of which go back 50 years. I guess I’m really dating myself. Vietnam was launching as I was finishing my last seminary years. The war raged at home as bad as in Asia. Thank God we made it to the Vietnam Memorial wall... finally.

The second date is the 54th anniversary of being ordained a priest of the Church of Miami on May 25, 1968. Thanks to the morning crowd for the biggest donut I have EVER seen (and eaten.) Nancy Adams also brought a really special coffee. It's called Tchibo. That’s the right spelling. They also make a machine to brew the coffee in but I just ordered more coffee and will skip the machine.

In Jesus our Ascended Lord,
sign frjim

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