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msgrfetscherDear Family,
Today we celebrate The Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, or Corpus Christi as we older folk used to say. In fact, I still do.

As I began this Twitch, I was searching for a good word or theme to put at the top of the Twitch as I usually do. Eucharist... Holy Communion... Breaking Bread... Body of Christ... After all these years, what do those words say to me?

The first word I thought of was “intimacy.” I wondered if that was the best word to use. Then it came, “Commitment.”

For me, ‘commitment’ says a lot. First and foremost, it is about the commitment that Jesus made – and makes - to me, to all of us. In effect He says: “I choose this remarkable way to stay as present to you as I can. I’ll be your food.”

Hopefully, because we know of His commitment to us, we become committed to the mission that He lays out for us. Fundamentally, “Do this in memory of me” means “give yourself wholly and entirely to me, to my mission. Work at making the commitment I make to you a reality in your life. If you do, you’ll find me working through you to touch all the people you meet.”

As if to confirm it, I then found the reflection of Steve Scholer, of the Creighton University community in their Daily Reflections for today.

“The Words of Consecration are the cornerstone around which every Mass is built. This was Jesus’ commandment to the twelve assembled with him, and each time they echoed his words, they not only reaffirmed their belief that Jesus died and rose again for our sins, but they shared with all gathered around them, their commitment to their faith, their beliefs and their values.” There was that word!

Scholar continued,

“Jesus wanted the Celebration of the Eucharist to be more than a ritual. He wanted it to have lasting impact, to continually motivate us to lead more Christ-like lives in service to others; to inspire us to be more forgiving of the weaknesses and faults of others, and of our own faults and weaknesses.”

MANY THANKS TO THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE FILLED 45 OF THE 80 SLOTS AVAILABLE FOR EUCHARISTIC ADORATION ON FRIDAYS!!! We are over the halfway mark and I hope we’ll be able to begin soon. It won’t take too many more. As I have said, there is something very special about knowing there are people praying for your (my) well-being in front of the Lord in the Eucharist. Corpus Christi is a wonderful time to renew THAT commitment. Got thirty minutes???? Weekly, monthly, on days when the wind blows from the west. (I guess that won’t work since you don’t know that ahead of time. But it doesn’t matter because you can adjust the AC to your comfort level if you are the signed-up person for that particular slot. Pretty cool, no? Sorry... I couldn’t resist.

Speaking of gathering, The Pastoral Council met last Tuesday night. One big topic was the Picnic and Ice Cream Social planned for July 17th. We’ll have lots of burgers, dogs, and Krauser will be specially commissioned to do the Ice Cream run. A man of many talents. People know Frank around the country because he drives them to their hotels after 5:00 Mass. Great ministry! Anyone for 8:30 or 11:00?

Also speaking of commitment, let me say a word about the “Bible Buddies.” Mary Kennedy inspires the folk who meet on Thursdays after morning Mass at 9:15. At least that was what they used to do until COVID. Never let it be said that we do not have creativity. The Buddies started gathering online. When they could resume in person gathering, they decided COVID gave them a wonderful opportunity not only to gather the sunbirds, but they could also keep the snowbirds in the loop through their online contact. If you would like to join them, call Mary at (954) 290-1194.

With prayers for you, I’m yours in Jesus,
sign frjim

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