Twilight Twitches

msgrfetscherDear Family,
Today I get to enjoy one of my favorite picnic treats, a burnt hot dog. Don’t ask. It’s just fun. I will also top it with sauerkraut. My heartfelt thanks to all the folk who made this Summer Parish Picnic and Ice Cream Social happen. All the members of the Parish Council, (check out their names on the parish bulletin,) along with Annie G. scooping, and Sue and Scott Martinez grilling, bring us this great gathering.

Nancy, Liz, Judy, Rosemary, Frank, Patrick Connie, and Chuck (who flies in from Vermont for the occasion) will bless us with their culinary and social talents. I will made sure to eat so that they will know they are appreciated! (The sacrifices I make...)

Annie made up a “Honey-Do’ list for the members. I’m chuckling as I see one task that has been assigned to Liz, namely making sure that all the borrowed ice cream scoops get back to their owners. Given the tradition of this event, perhaps we should invest in a bunch of parish scoops. Another administrative task for your underworked pastor...

Writing about our picnic gives me a lot of pleasure, but I can’t help feeling the underlaying sadness that comes from all we have been going through with the shootings. The small start we have just made regarding gun legislation is a beginning, but in my opinion, just a beginning.

What does gun legislation have to do with the gospel? Perhaps this week’s Antiphon for the Psalm response says it all: “He who does justice will live in the presence of the Lord.”

“Doing justice” is not always easy, especially when we get caught up in the various discussions about second amendment rights, etc. I pray we shall be gifted with the blessing of common sense. I pray we will then use the gift.

I keep posted on all the variants of COVID and hope we will not have to go into another preventative mode, things like masks and separation, etc. The Archdiocese does a pretty good job of keeping the parishes in step with each other so that people are not going nuts with all kinds of different rules in different places.

Nevertheless, inaugurating the program as we did two years ago, is not the same thing as cranking it up again. As I heard on some commentary, we have taken a collective sigh of relief and getting us to suck it in again will be harder. One day at a time...

Many times, a very small silver lining on problematic clouds is that big problems can have the effect of making us put aside our various differences. Nothing like a ‘common enemy’ to bring people together, whether a deranged shooter or a virulent virus. It would be great to be able to be unified without the motivation of those hor¬rendous causes.

As I say that, my mind goes to the Eucharist, our source of unity. Can it be that Jesus is offering Himself to us to help us surmount these obstacles to peaceful living? That’s the theology. The challenge is will we let Him gain our attention with his faithful presence? That’s the goal of our coming together... even when we are ’distanced.’ The trick is not to take his constant faithfulness for granted.

Even distanced, you can still reach a barbeque grill. Never be let is said that I let a virus get in the way of a good sauerkrauted hot dog.

Happy summer no matter what.
In Jesus
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