Twilight Twitches

Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time 
fetscherDear Family,

I just finished reading the Twitches that Linda and Frank and Nancy and Annie wrote while I was on vacation. I thought all of them were just great. The most moving part of reading them was getting a sense that we have a community that works. Jesus is at the heart of this community and you can see it in what your sisters and brother wrote.

Did you read them? I hope so. I hope that - like me - you’d come away from those expressions of parish life feeling very proud and pleased. My heartfelt thanks to our four great Sebastianites. (I just made that word up for the occasion.) Guest “Twitches” definitely have a future.

Thanks also to Msgr. Mike Hippee, Father Ronnie Brohamer, Father Gary Weismann, and of course our own Father Jose for blessing you with their ministry.I’ll confess that I get very concerned about who celebrates for you when I can’t. One nice addition to my vacation was knowing these men would be great.

Speaking of vacation, let me tell you that I highly recommend them. Everyone should take one periodically. Some of you might be thinking that a good number of people are already on permanent vacation in their retirement. But vacation means “to vacate,” to leave where you are and get a change. The older I get the less inclined I am to want to change. You get used to knowing where you put the keys, etc.

When you change your location, you put the keys in different places, and then while you are looking for them – again, you also see things you haven’t seen before. Of course you also might be discovering words that normally wouldn’t be a part of your vocabulary either. I had a good friend with me who usually could find the keys. It helps.

I told some of you that watching the cruise ships leave port through our parking lot, I had made a mental resolve that I would never want to sail anything as big as the Oasis of the Seas. As luck would have it, the dates dictated the ship. I’ve got to tell you, it was a great experience. I hope to do it again.

I also visited friends in northern Ontario. The day I left there, it was 48 degrees in the a.m. Happy memory!

Returning home means getting back to the business of business. In our case that means trying to figure out how to persuade building departments to give permits to install new a.c. units, and to persuade them sometime before Jesus comes back the second time. One line we have heard was the inspector is on vacation. I sincerely hope the city has more than one inspector. Apparently he has to make sure that the air-handler which we are not replacing can handle the new compressors. Why our air-conditioning company would sell us a unit that didn’t work with our air-handler doesn’t seem to matter. Ah, the demise of common sense. But I’m sure I’m missing something that is very relevant and excuses all the delays. Quite possibly it is time for me to return to vacating!

I’m now about to try and clear the accumulated mail and messages. Annie and Cynthia and Patricio have been wonderful in keeping the place together to the musical accompaniment of Peter the Great. I hope you know how lucky you (and I) are to have them. Please say thanks to them when you have a chance. You’ll say “Thanks” and they will say “For what?” That’s your signal to say, “For making the pastor look good.”With thanks for all,

In Jesus,
sign frjim

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