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September 13, 2015

fetscherTwenty-fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time
Dear Family, 
Last Sunday’s “Parish Picnic” blessed us.  Conceived and produced by the members of our Pastoral Council we just had a good time. 
Originally planned for the 30th the possibility of Erika forced a change to Labor Day weekend.  You know, I think we ought to keep it there.  We forgot to count the plates so we’re not quite sure how many of us were there, but I think it pushed 100. 
We kidded around about calling what we did a parish ‘picnic.’  A picnic usually means an outdoors affair.  But I like our version.  Who says we have to have ants and no air-conditioning to have a picnic?  Next year, I’ll bring the dill pickle chips. 
To all the Council members, Nancy, Frank, Liz, Judy, Ann, Rosemary and Bob, as well as Annie G., my deep gratitude, not only for all the work each of you did, but also for enlisting other members of the parish family to help.  Nancy remarked that the only bit of confusion was when we had a bunch of people at 2:00 all willing to help.  To them all, thanks for bringing us together.  That “coming together” is what parish life is all about. 
Some of you who came, may have noticed what Joe Cremona called my “Picasso.”  On the east wall of the hall on the northern side, I tried to mark out some ideas about the possible new kitchen.  A sign says, “IF we build a kitchen, it would be behind this wall.”  Then we outlined a pass-through and a door.  Bob Zelmer also came up with some conceptual drawings of the possible equipment locations.  Those pictures are there as well.       
If you get a little more curious, stand outside and picture the building coming out into the patio area.  It will extend northward (toward the rectory) as far as the present room does on the other end of the building.  Have I thoroughly confused you? Trust me, it will be easier to build than describe.
Earlier this summer I asked you to be praying about this.  Contrary to the thoughts of some folk, it is NOT a done deal.  Some of you already have voted with your check books and I’ve received a few specific contributions for which I am grateful and by which I’m touched… but if the kitchen doesn’t happen I’m returning that money. 
Would I like a more professional kitchen?  Of course I would.  As I’ve said, I think it would enhance exactly the kind of gathering we had last week. How?  I think it can help build community in ways I suspect we haven’t even thought of yet.  But I’m not decreeing a kitchen. I’m recommending it as part of strengthening our mission.  I really came away from last week’s hamburger and tubular steak event a little more grateful for all of you.  I think the people who do the heavy lifting with our meal events around the year are also onboard and think it would be a benefit. 
If I am remembered for anything at all, I hope it could be that I tried to encourage community.  Like I’ve said in the past, if you decide not to build a kitchen I already have a building which you can dedicate to me:  “The Monsignor James F Fetscher Memorial Americans with Disabilities Act Restrooms and Brides Area.” (How many priests do you know that have restrooms named after them? As they say, “How special is that!)”   So I don’t need a kitchen for a memorial.  But I think you do for community, so keep praying!   
I’m visiting a friend up north for a few days this week so be nice to Father Paul Farin and Father Gary Wiesmann as they provide the Lord’s presence in the Eucharist.  Both of them are mission preachers all over the country and you can pray for their work as you join them for morning Mass.   
In Jesus,  
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