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fetscherTwenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Family,
Last week I started the Twitch with, “What a week we have in store!” I think that’s the way it turned out. Although I’m writing this letter on Sept 22, I know already how much excitement and enthusiasm Pope Francis is generating.

Last Sunday, after hearing the Mission Appeal request for Amor en Acciónfrom Tery Gonzales and Monica Lauzurique, you contributed $2722 and we are still counting. There were 310 souls in our holy house last weekend and I’m just very proud of you. I can’t help but wonder if Pope Francis and his
sense of mission wasn’t inhabiting our air. Did his dedication to mission and the poor influence your wonderful and generous response?

One anonymous envelope had $276 in varying denominations.  I had images of a visiting family pooling their resources and putting in everything they had with them. Some vacation! Another envelope simply said, “humbly” and had $1.05.

By the time you read this we will have seen Pope Francis address the Congress of the United States. On his way to the House of Representatives the Holy Father will have passed the statue of SAINT Junipero Serra in the Rotunda of the Capitol who he canonized (declared a saint) Wednesday evening.
Every State has two statues of people significant in their history. Junipero represents California. If you look along the coast of California nine of the cities from San Diego to San Francisco were founded by Junipero Serra. No wonder California acknowledges his role in their history.

Would you believe he is the second saint in that line-up of significant figures in American history? Can you guess the second? It is St. Damien of Molokai, and his statue was sent by the state of Hawaii. Damien went to the leper colony in 1873 and ministered to people who had been badly neglected. He contracted leprosy from those he served and lived another four years, going to the Lord in 1889. He was canonized in 2009 by Pope Benedict XVI.

Switching gears, I wanted to call your attention to the 18 new trees in nine of the islands in our parking lots. They are Geiger trees and in some cases they are replacing what is called carrotwood, a plant the state of Florida calls a “noxious weed.”  You can go online and get the details of what would make the State of Florida declare anything noxious. In any event, our Geigers are trees that do well near salt water and they bloom year round.

If we planned it right, our trees will alternate between orange and white blooms. One of my secret little dreams was that it ought to be possible to plant a series of trees so that you could have year-round blooming trees. The Geigers turn out to be a short cut to my dream. I hope it isn’t a sign that I am now free to go to the heavenly garden, at least not quite yet.

Sometimes when you spend money on things like trees, you inevitably wonder about the best use of your resources. Perhaps the same could be said of kitchens. My hope is to administer our parish in such a way that it creates a welcoming environment to more outreach. Even though someone wished I would take my discussions of kitchen and put them where the sun doesn’t shine, alas not even my derriere would be big enough for a kitchen or trees. So I work with what I’ve got.

Hopefully our response to Amor en Acción will be a sign that our intentions and actions are good. There is much more to do, but perhaps by keeping an eye on Francis, we’ll see what that is.

With prayer and affection, I’m yours
In Jesus,

sign frjim

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