Twilight Twitches

fetscherTwenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Family,
Someone remarked not too long ago that they didn’t read these Twitches. I suppose I can’t blame them. This isn’t really deathless prose. But I went back to see what I said in last week’s Twitch, and found myself saying, “Damn, that was good.” Now someone will finally read this letter and then go nuts because I wrote ‘Damn.” Ah well. Annie’s in Ireland so I might be able to get away with it.

The thoughts in last week’s words that caught my eye, or maybe better, my heart, were the ones about Pope Francis challenging us to a spirituality built on pillars of gratitude and work. I just hope I can keep that in front of me as I go about the mundane tasks of rebuilding a pantry and fixing another air-conditioner. Actually other people are doing the work. Parishioner Christian Garbayo is rebuilding the pantry in the rectory, and wouldn’t you know he’s working in a warm place because the AC unit went on the fritz. No good deed goes unpunished. Of course it’s an old house, so we come to discover that we have to do some major up-dating of the old fuse boxes which now become “Electrical Panels.” I trust my electrician, parishioner D. Barnes, Inc. or else I’d think it was a clever ploy to charge more for changing the name to something that sounds state-of-the-art and cutting-edge. After all a ‘panel’ is so much more technically superior to a mere box.

Christian found a couple of old equipment boxes that had been apparently hidden up in the quasiattic... looked like an old phone box they didn’t remove, just stuffed. Also could have been an alarm system. (Now I have a very hi-tech attack Boston Terrier.) I’m glad the mice and/or squirrels that used to live there are gone now, because at this moment they would have free range throughout the house. I miss the squirrels but not the mice.

So perhaps on a slightly higher plain, can I ask what you remember about the visit of Pope Francis? Next Sunday is Mission Sunday. We take up a special collection and there is an insert in this week’s bulletin. Archbishop Wenski has written a great letter and there’s some history on the collection. The point is MISSION. When I think of Francis, I think of mission personified. I think he sees himself as being sent, sent to a world that needs to be encountered and appreciated and loved into goodness. If anyone can do it with sheer presence, he seems to be the man. Another Christ indeed.

Another powerful idea attached to Mission Sunday, however, is that indeed all of us as well are “missioned.” With the Holy Father as an example perhaps it makes it a little easier for us to grasp what being a member of the Church really is. Each of us has a mission! Wherever and whenever we go, we are being sent. There’s that great line from a contemporary Christian song that says, “You’re the only Jesus, some will ever see.” I guess that could be a scary thought until you realize that each of us has unique personalities that make it possible for us to relate to one another.

Do we relate to everyone? Not unless you’re Pope Francis. But have you ever thought about singling out someone who you can talk to easily, and then ask yourself, ‘How is Jesus using me at this moment with this person?” Today in Publix I had the nicest conversation with lady #72 in the deli line. I was #73. We talked about salami and somehow ended wishing each other a really good rest of the day like we both meant it. I smiled more at the next person I saw and I’ll bet she did too. And here I’m wondering how Jesus might use us…

Hang in there.

In Him,
sign frjim

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