Twilight Twitches

fetscherTwenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Dear Family,
Last week I said I would try and reflect on why I write these Twitches every week. Before I do I want to “announce” that we will have an Adult Confirmation Class beginning on Monday, January31st, at 7:00 p.m. Our parish celebration of Confirmation will be on April 3, 2016 with our good friend, Archbishop James Keleher. That’s Divine Mercy Sunday, the Sunday after Easter.

Sometimes people get confused. These are classes for Catholics who have been baptized and made their First Communion and never received Confirmation for one reason or another.

Anyone who wishes may attend the classes. If you are looking for a chance to update your understanding of our faith, or may even be interested in becoming a Catholic,you would be welcome. However, as I said the thrust of these classes will be for adult candidates for Confirmation. Please call the parish office NOW (954 524-9344) and tell us to put you on the contact list. If you leave a message, please make sure you include your telephone number in the message.

We will meet mostly during Lent, taking time off for the Parish Mission that Father Tom Boyer is coming to offer us the first week in Lent, February 13/14. We’ll make it a Valentine gift to us. I hope you will plan for that because I think it’s going to be a wonderful event.

This announcement is a sneaky way of seeing who really reads the bulletin. That’s only because I have to wait until Annie gets back to plaster the announcement all over the website.

Speaking of the website, since we have changed website managers, make sure you sign up again to receive the bulletin online automatically. Go to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. hit the button that says, “Join our mailing list.”

So, getting to the “Why” of writing Twitches. One time a trusted old parishioner said to me, “you teach better than you preach, and you write better than you teach.” He then was kind enough to add, “and you ain’t a bad preacher.”

I’ve been writing these letters since I became a pastor, 33 years ago. My parish then was huge. Three priests celebrated eight Masses. I rarely preached at all the Masses on the same weekend so I always felt sort of limited. Writing a letter was one way of trying to say the same thing to everyone at the same time. Of course that presumed that everyone was reading the letter. Alas, some of us live in fools’ paradises.

After a while, writing became a regular habit, and I think over the years I probably wanted to write more for myself in some ways, than for “the masses.” Writing is a way of focusing. My days as a priest are so often a series of interruptions interrupted by interruptions. “What was I saying, …or thinking, …or doing, …again?!” I think you get the picture.

Now that I can preach at all the Masses on our weekend, I feel more in contact with you. That’s what the purpose of any kind of communication is supposed to be, isn’t? …contact? “Pastor” means shepherd, herder, overseer, guardian. Of course it presumes there is a flock to guide. Even though sheep are smelly, they are probably preferable to herding cats. Somedays it can feel pretty feline rather than ovine. The more ways I try to say something about what I’m thinking, maybe the better the face of Jesus can break through. Here’s hoping you’ll find him when you look, read, hear.

In Him,

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