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October 25, 2015

fetscherThirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Family,
This week is the first time in months that I went outside my house and thought, “This feels pretty good.” Slightly less humidity
and a little cooler. As I write it is day 17 of the AC in the rectory being on the fritz (well, half of it, anyway...) That’s why a pleasant outdoors is nicely timed. God provides when the permit office of the city of Fort Lauderdale does not.
Better weather also means that we are gearing up for the “season.” Tents are going up for the boat show already, and BEST OF ALL, OKTOBERFEST IS THIS FRIDAY NIGHT. I can drink enough schnapps to wipe away any frustrations of the permit office of the city of Fort Lauderdale. I do not, as a rule, advise drinking to bury frustrations. That’s less than a pastoral solution. Still… (By the way, do you know there is such a thing as root beer schnapps? I just discovered it in the back of my liquor cellar, which means it goes back to Father Quinn’s time at least. Pretty amazing stuff if you like root beer.)
I should never sit down to write these letters to you when it is late in the day. At an earlier hour with a fresher mind and a less tired body I suspect I’d not be regaling you with bon mots about permit offices, much less root beer schnapps. I f there are some high school kids looking for COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS, I think we might have a good one for you. We need sorters.
Let me explain. Mrs. Linda Hatlan is the president of our Council of Catholic Women. Our women - and indeed the Florida Council of Catholic Women - are encouraging us to recycle ALL PLASTIC CONTAINER TOPS, any kind, color or shape, everything from toothpaste tube caps to coffee can lids. You leave them in the Parish Center. They get recycled and the proceeds obtain wheelchairs for handicapped children. Check it out at <www.CapsOfLove.com>
We have a number of things to review to continue to make our liturgies pleasant and welcoming celebrations. If you cannot be there, please let me know personally. If there are members of the community who would like to serve in any of these capacities I will also be pleased to hear from you before the meeting. Ministers of the parish should be registered members of the parish as a first qualification.
There are other things as well. Ushers and greeters need to be able to smile, lectors need to be able to read, Eucharistic Ministers need a special concern for the scattered who are deprived of Eucharist because of illness or infirmity. Is Jesus calling you?
Please note:
Men’s Club (Thursday - 9:00 am)
Council of Catholic Women (Friday - 11:00 am)
We thank the Lord for all who gather in His Name.
In Jesus,
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