Twilight Twitches

fetscher32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
Dear Family,
It was Halloween. At my front door I put a candle-lit pumpkin and a bowl of candy. I was going out to get dinner and I didn’t want to miss any kids.

When I returned all the candy was gone. Just as I was checking, a little group of kids came up and one no-more-than-four-year-old made a beeline for the bowl. When she saw it was empty, she “humphed” and stormed passed me muttering, “I walked all the way up here for NOTHING.” She left with entourage in tow. I felt badly that I had run out and also badly that at four, maybe younger, we already had a drama queen climbing the stairway of major pain-in-the-buttness. Alas, how early they learn.

THEN, as if in response to my chagrin, another group came by led by a couple of girls who were a little older. I told them I was so sorry because I had completely run out, and the two older girls took their bags and filled up my blue bowl with some of their loot. They said that they already had more than they needed. I was restored to good cheer. I hope that somewhere, somehow the four-year-old
gets exposed to those great ladies. She wouldn’t get a better treat on the Eve of All Saints, than the example of those two special pre-teens. And kudos to the parents who raised them.

Next year I will be sure and buy more candy. I’m not sure I can take another experience of the diva. Of course, there’s always the good possibility I’m already on her list of places to avoid. Still, it would make me very happy to be able to return the favor to the pre-teens if they are still guiding little ones.

That’s what our “Kindness Cards” are all about. The girls gave me a kindness and so now, even though they gave me candy instead of a card, I’ll think of it as a card and pass it along.

By the way, does anyone remember “Beggar’s Night?” I was telling some folk that when I was a kid in North Miami my happiest discovery as a new Floridian (1949) was that there were TWO nights for doing the rounds: Halloween, and the night before which they called “Beggar’s Night.” Unfortunately, our parents figured out that one very quickly and we weren’t allowed to go out for two nights. The dentist bill was bad enough. Still, it looked like this Florida place had possibilities for a newly arrived kid. It was not until later that I learned that the fountains marked “colored” in the food store weren’t spurting differently shaded colors of water. That was another kind of Florida.

I’m not sure what it means when you find yourself thinking about and remembering moments you haven’t thought of in decades. The other morning I was recalling my addresses as a kid. Whenever we moved it was mandatory for ALL siblings, no matter the age, to learn our address. Apparently if we got lost it seemed as though our parents really did want us back, at least until we became adults.

Then they got us back and had the good grace not to convey the idea that if we had forgotten where they lived, it wouldn’t have been a crisis. When one of my brothers moved back home for a while, I asked Mom how it felt not to be alone again. She replied, “Again? I haven’t been alone yet since your father died. Every time someone left, someone else moved in.”

Maybe it’s the two women in today’s scriptures who got me thinking of the foregoing… They were women with a mission no matter whatever
it took. In many ways, that was my mother. I hope you had one of those, too.
In Jesus,
sign frjim

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