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fetscher33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
Dear Family,
It’s very touching to come across something and realize someone did something that blesses us without a lot of fanfare. Case in point: although Holland Nursery has been closed, and in fact the buildings have been taken down for some kind of development, nevertheless the spirit of Holland Nursery lives. All the flower baskets in the courtyard have been replaced. Holland’s owner, Matt Keyser, came with Charlie Patel who worked with Holland for a long time. Charlie has his own landscaping business now, but was not too busy to come and help, like old times. Thanks to the Keysers (Sandy comes with Matt) and Charlie.

Last week the Men’s Club had a presenter that was excellent. Dr. James Abshire spoke on the Attitudes, Focus and Perspectives we can develop when we are dealing with dying and end of life issues. He stressed the role that faith can play. He was talking about what I call “faith-verb”, the act of deciding to trust. But he also made the valid point that “faithnoun” i.e. the knowledge I have, is helpful because the more I know, the easier it is to deal with fear, especially the fears we can manufacture for ourselves
in the absence of really understanding what is going on.

His ideas are summed up in his book, Live, Love & Let Go: A Doctor's Insightful Approach to Living and Dying.You can order it from Amazon. Many of his thoughts and insights are things I have encountered before and even proposed, but I so often get the feeling that when I am talking about anything to do with faith, people’s first reaction is, “Well, that is what he is supposed to say.”

As a rule, doctors don’t like to fail, and death may seem like a failure. Hearing, however, from a medical professional who has a different perspective of death, was encouraging and helpful. Discovering his genius at putting his finger on ‘fear’ and then pulling it apart and taking the fangs out is well worth your time, anytime, whether you’re scheduled for early departure or have an open booking.

I’m delighted Dr. Abshire came and I regret that more of you were not able to hear him. I hope he wouldn’t mind if I offered the possibility that he might help redefine faith healing.The profits from his book are going to charity. Perhaps most interesting is that he himself is dealing with terminal lymphoma.

Gives a whole new dimension to, “Physician heal thyself” – and he obviously is.

By now I hope that our registered parishioners have received the letter I wrote regarding the Parish Family Kitchen. I’ve already received some responses and I’m encouraged. If you didn’t receive a letter it means we don’t have you on the books. As I said in one Mass last Sunday, perhaps some of you like flying under the radar. I hope not. It won’t do you any good anyway because Jesus has very good tracking devices.

Far more important than a $$$ response to my request, is your willingness to be counted as a member of the community, and being present to it in such a way that the gifts the Holy Spirit gave you are shared with the rest of us. And I’m not talking about money here. Just return the response envelope about the kitchen, whether it is yes or no. It helps me get a better idea of where we stand. What you respond is confidential. That you respond is not.

I’ll publish an honor roll of those I’ve heard from. I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving Day when all gather to give thanks (except the turkeys). Our special Mass (and only Mass that day) is at 10:00 a.m. Pumpkin Pastelitos to follow.
In the Lord,

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