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Jesus, Who?

fetscherDear Family,
I think maybe you have caught me in a bad moment. Perhaps, sad moment would be better. A charity to which I contribute, like many thers, sent me some Christmas cards I could use. I noticed that some spoke of the birth of the Savior at the heart of Christmas. Other cards said, Happy Holidays. These cards were from the same charity, ironically Christian in its origin and outlook. No Jesus, No nativity. I realize there are other holidays being celebrated around this time by others, but I have no doubt that those holidays would not be nearly as important in their own cultures and customs if they didn’t have to sort of compete with Christmas.

I think the thing that is adding to my particular sadness is recalling that on last Sunday night, CNN chose to air a program on Satanism. Talk about timing. I tuned in after it started, and after a couple of minutes when I realized what I was looking at, I had the distinct impression that the people who were apparently members of the particular cult in Detroit, really didn’t seem to realize what and who they were dealing with. That’s probably a superficial assessment, but I turned off the TV and did a crossword puzzle because I didn’t want or need to spend any more time in that arena.

Is this the kind of reflection you want to be reading before Christmas? It sure as heck is not the one I thought I would be writing, but perhaps that’s really the point. Who is Jesus? Does He really make a difference in my sad world of politically correct Christmas cards and diabolical deceptions? He better...

And here’s the deal; Jesus will only make a difference if we let him. I do remember uttering a short, “Jesus, protect us all,” prayer before I turned the TV off. Maybe I could have spent a little more time interceding for all kinds of people who are trying to find purpose and meaning in what they do, however pathetically misguided they may be.

If we are celebrating the coming of the Lord to humanity, we must ask why he came. He came to save us from precisely the kinds of things I mentioned, that and more. What keeps you from being with Jesus? You better figure that out because that’s precisely what keeps you from being Jesus.

Being Jesus is what Paul was talking about last Sunday. Remember?

How about that for a decoration we can hang on our minds and hearts. As I look at those four ornaments my sadness is yielding to hope. And that is the answer to the question, “Jesus, Who?”


Jesus, Lord of Life, Savior


Merry Christmas!
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