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Dear Family,
I barely get used to typing 2015 and it’s already 2016. The gift of time… time for what? Time for who? Can the time we have received so far cast any light on what we might expect in our futures?

I was having a wonderful conversation with a nonagenarian the other day who remarked that her life certainly was nothing like she would have planned. But at 90+ she surely seemed to have developed the living skills that brought her to 90 with a great deal of grace, living each moment as it comes.

Sometimes I think the events of the past and/or the preoccupations with the future, tend to keep me from paying attention to the most important moment, this moment, now.

Recently I was speaking with a good friend who suggested that when I began a day, or began some activity I start with a very specific prayer of thanks, not thanks for everything under the sun, just thanks for this person, this dog, this chair, this computer (and trust me, that isn’t always an easy one.) I’ve tried to do it and it really is interesting how it affects my attitude, I hope for the  better.

Would you believe I just said a prayer of thanks for whoever invented sharp scissors? Today we celebrate the Holy Family. You think you have tricky things in your lives to deal with each day. How about Mary and Joseph?

Here are two people swept into a strange world of angels revealing extraordinary information that will totally change their lives in ways they could have never imagined. How remarkably simple and uncomplicated their lives would need to be for them to even be able to accept the roles they are being asked to play.

I’m long past the point where I could hope to be that kind of “simple and uncomplicated.” We came that way out of the package of our mother’s womb and our father’s hopes.

Then life happens. We are like Christmas trees being covered with more and more ornaments, some beautiful, some not so great. Unlike Christmas trees, we usually don’t get undecorated. The stuff just keeps piling on until it becomes hard to see the tree we were originally. We could probably make the argument that normally trees are growing in the ground, so a bigger growing tree always needs more ornaments. The trouble is, we cut our Christmas trees. But I think I’m going to quit using this metaphor before all I have left is weeds.

At the beginning of a New Year, the point I’m struggling to make here is that time is a gift. Time is God’s gift to us to help us find Him. That search doesn’t happen in isolation. It happens with other people. We begin with our families and then more people enter into our lives. We give thanks for the great people who have helped us grow. We try to learn how to forgive the people who didn’t help, and perhaps even harmed our growth. Either way, hopefully the journey is bringing us closer to the Lord.

Jesus became one of us precisely to help us make our journeys to his Father. That’s what I am taking my time to thank God for at the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016.

I’m not sure that any of this makes sense to you, but at least know it make sense to me, and as  I thank God for time, and I thank Him for you as well.

Happy New Year!
In Our Savior, Jesus,

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