Twilight Twitches

Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
“...a Coming to...”

That’s what Advent – ad venio - means, ‘coming to.’ Fooling around with the idea I real¬ized it could have a lot of meanings; for example, coming to consciousness after being in a coma, or coming to a new conclusion about something, or coming to the door of someone you visit. (I guess there wouldn’t be much visiting going on right now.)

It could also mean that someone was coming to visit me. With Christmas on the horizon, the season of Advent certainly is inviting us to raise our expectations of the coming of Jesus.

fetscherDear Family,
We made it! We have completed another Church year. Christ the King reigns!

Or does He?... with all that is going on, are you tempted to wonder sometimes where He is? Look at your crucifix. There He is, suffering with us.

Remember Jesus coming to John the Baptist and getting in line with all the penitents that John was baptizing? John said to Jesus (in effect,) “What are you doing here? I should be baptizing you!” And Jesus said, “Do it for the sake of righteousness.” In other words, I choose to be a part of all these people so that when my Father looks at them, He will see me.”

Some King, indeed!

fetscherDear Family,
What a week! Eta “graced” us for three days last weekend and left another version of Lake Sebastian. It struck me how threatening Eta seemed at night but somehow wasn’t quite as bad in the day.

But the flooding problems continued to threat-en even as Eta moved north. “Rain bands” is a loaded phrase. As usual I’m writing on Tuesday morning (the 10th) and a flood watch just came in to last until Wednesday night. It said “rain bands” could come later this afternoon. Shall the bark (barque, boat) of St. Sebastian weather the storm?

fetscherDear Family,
I’ve told you in the past that writing these Twitches almost a week before you read them can be very challenging. The printing deadline is Tuesday (this week, Election Day). By the time you read this will we know: WHO WON?

As I think about it a little more, I realized that no matter who won, I hope our attitude would be the same, namely, as I wrote last week, Vote and Pray. (Annie suggested it might have been better to put it the other way around: Pray and Vote.)

Either way, we ask God to bless us as a people, a country, a force for good in the world.

fetscherDear Family,
...probably depends on what part of the saintly Body of Christ that you are talking about.

If you are in heaven, you have already voted.

If you are in purgatory, you are busy amending past choices and drawing closer to the Lord.

That only leaves one category: US.

What does it mean to “Vote?”

fetscherDear Family,
...or selfish neighbor?

We live in tough times. You sure didn’t need me to tell you that. Before any opinion, before any judgement, before any fear, because we are who we are, before all, we are first and foremost, people of prayer.

As I scanned the scriptures for this weekend, my first reaction was simply to pray and ask God what He was saying in these scriptures. Then I was overwhelmed. So many things; immigrants, widows, orphans, needy neighbors, and that’s just the Hebrew scripture.

fetscherDear Family,
As you read this, you recall that last Monday was Columbus Day. That’s when I was writing this letter. Banks and post offices were closed but Annie and Judy and I were here in the office doing the work of the Lord.

As kids we learned that Christopher Columbus sailed the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria to the ‘New World.’ He was sailor, navigator and colonizer. Subsequently we learned that others were here first at various times, but Chris was our image of roots and beginnings for our country.

Today is also Indigenous Peoples’ Day. For reasons I can’t explain, it is only now that I have become aware of this day, first celebrated in South Dakota in 1989 as Native American Day.

fetscherDear Family,
Last week, some of our parishioners received a bogus message/email supposedly from me. It asked the recipient to go and get some gift cards for a family in need.
Last Monday we emailed all the parishioners for whom we have addresses to tell you it was a scam.

The folks who got the fake message figured out it was probably a fraud and called in to check. That’s the best way. Check with us.

This is not the first time this has happened. Our St Vincent de Paul society also got hit with an attempt that didn’t work. Jim Guerin caught it.


fetscherDear Family,
You don’t look a day over 60, but you are by two years. I thought some of you, along with me, might enjoy being 62 for a little while.

How are such wonders possible?

On October 7, 1958, the feast of the Holy Rosary, Pope Pius XII split off the southern 16 counties of the State of Florida from the Diocese of St. Augustine and established the Diocese of Miami.

fetscherDear Family,
Wow! I opened the scriptures to see the readings for this weekend and came away thinking the Lord was looking over my shoulder ...our shoulders. If that isn’t enough, I just heard a roll of thunder as I was writing. Sometimes, subtle He isn’t.

In fact, I don’t think He is ever subtle. His presence to what I’m doing depends on how much attention I’m paying to Him. Sometimes, I’m listening. Sometimes, I even hear Him. Sadly, the roar of the daily tsunamis of politics and health drown out the consistent invitation God makes in all my moments.

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