Twilight Twitches

Twilight Twitches

fetscherThird Sunday of Easter
Dear Family,
I’m sitting at a computer for the first time in seven weeks and I’m seeing it as though I had never been here before. I dictated the Easter letter by voice mail to Annie who made some sense of it.

I wonder if those of you who have gone through various illnesses had the same experience I am having – a sense that your situation is the center of the world and nothing else matters much. From that point of view the sooner I’m back in the trenches the better I’ll feel. I’ll discover that the world didn’t shift off its axis while I was gone – despite the presidential primaries. Actually I am kind of glad for all the foolishness because it was diverting. God help us. He has in the past and I’m confident “under God” means He will still “shed his grace” on us. We just need to remember to ask for it.

fetscherEaster Sunday

Dear Family,
Jesus Christ is risen! He is risen, indeed! That's today's headline. St. Paul tells us if Jesus is not risen from the dead our faith is in vain.

When Annie asked me if I wanted to write the Easter Twitch, of course my first thought was yes. Since then my mind kept turning over and over trying to find just exactly what it is I want to say.

The first thought I had was even though these have been tricky days and I certainly did not expect to spend most of Lent recovering from an unexpected surgery, nevertheless I did not want to wind up writing about me and not about the Mystery that is central to our Faith.  If Jesus is at the core of my life, of all that I hold dear, of all that I expect to embrace in the future, how does he get his arms around my situation or - maybe the other way around- how do I try to get my arms around his passion? I think I've had some
powerful experiences of both.

Palm Sunday

Dear Fellow Parishioners,
While the Monsignor is recovering a few of us in the Parish have been asked to fill in with a twitch for the bulletin each week. I’m the one chosen to write for Palm Sunday. For me this Sunday was always a day I looked forward to celebrating. It’s a day of great joy in the Church calendar. Jesus is welcomed into the city as a hero among his people. We of course are given palms to signify the welcoming of Jesus.

Fifth Sunday of Lent
Dear Family,
This “Twitch” is being written on Sunday evening in anticipation of the following Sunday, which-as you read-is probably today - AND we’ve lost an hour of sleep last night, so don’t worry if you feel confused... I am.

As I type, we are anticipating our Eleventh Annual Andy Hurst Memorial Fish Fry and Auction and preparations are in full swing. OurAuction committee – Susan Mansolillo, Dr. Lourdes Cowgill and Dr. Marlene Fayette-Cowgill – are putting in countless hours after their workdays procuring and preparing items for display. It’s a lot of work that is borne on too few shoulders. Please know, ladies, that your time, talent, and your treasure are genuinely appreciated.

Fourth Sunday of Lent - by Nancy Adams
Dear Fellow Parishioners,
As you all know Monsignor Fetscher is in the midst of his physical repair work. He is now slowly recovering from his open heart surgery. From the cards and greetings he has received on the web site (under the name jimfetscher) we know he is being closely watched and prayed for by his many friends.  Please keep the prayers and good thoughts coming. The goal is to have him ready to celebrate with the Parish on Holy Saturday.

fetscherThird Sunday of Lent
Dear Family,
First of all I want to thank Mark and Noreen Rohleder who are the great proprietors of Waxy O’Connors Irish Pub (over the bridge on 17th Street on the way to grandma’s house.) I can’t tell you how unhappy I was about missing what seems to have been a major enjoyable event for our parish.

Andy Cooney’s Show was loved by all and fed to a glorious fare by Mark and Noreen. Their food was great and they brought a bit of the pub to Cooney’s show. Andy himself was thrilled with the turnout and the enthusiasm flowed over to the calendar so that before he left we have scheduled February 4, 2017 as the next show.

fetscherSecond Sunday of Lent
Dear Family,
Well, its Tuesday the 16th as I write. We just had the storm that uprooted one of our tabebuia argentas. Leo the tree man is coming and today - Sunday the 21st -you’ll see if he had any success. I’m hopeful because he planted our 18 Geiger trees and they all came through.

What a week! We started Lent with our parish retreat. Father Tom Boyer was surely a gift of the Holy Spirit. He’s been “retired” for more than three years and spends time between Naples where is sister and brother-in-law live, and Oklahoma City, his home diocese. He’s been giving missions to both priests and people and is enjoying his ministry a lot.

fetscherDear Family,
On top of all the other things we celebrate today, Happy Valentine’s Day. There’s all kinds of history about the day, but I think I just want to think about people willing to offer their love to one another. Hopefully we don’t limit it to one day, but maybe one day will help us sharpen our skills on all the other days.

Today we are welcoming Father Tom Boyer for our Lenten parish retreat. For those of you who are reading this Twitch early online before the weekend, stop this minute and say a prayer for Tom and for all of us who come to be refreshed.

As I’ve said before, I’m so happy I finally was able to get a parish retreat at the very beginning of Lent. Hopefully this can be a year where we really can focus on the Lord’s gift of hisdeath for us, and His Resurrection that restores us to eternal life.

Dear Family,
This week we begin Lent with Ash Wednesday. Before I go farther, I want to recommend you check out
<> That’s the site for Catholic Online. I thought their treatment of Ash Wednesday was great and worth your time.

Basically we enter into a period of prayer and reflection to ready ourselves once again for the celebration of the great Easter feast, the feast of our Redemption from the effects of sin. We had been cut off and through His loving sacrifice of life, Jesus restored our access to the Father and eternal life. That surely is worth our time and prayer and reflection.

If you don’t count the Sundays of Lent, which is a breathing time each week, we have 40 days in Lent that remind us of the time Jesus himself spent in the desert getting ready for his mission.

fetscherDear Family,
Today you received a little packet of “kindness” cards. I’m hoping we explained the idea behind them during the homily. Basically, you do some kind act for someone and then give them the card and ask them to do something for someone else and pass along the card.

We picked today to launch the idea because today’s readings seemed very well-suited to illustrate the idea, especially Corinthians. Brides and grooms have been picking this passage for their weddings because it talks all about love, 15 things, in fact, that love either is or isn’t.

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