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Twilight Twitches

Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

fetscherDear Family,
Well, Andy Cooney didn’t disappoint. We hope to have him back next year and I would love to see some more folks help organize the program.

Deep thanks to Bill Loughlin for supplying the decorations, to the crew who put them around, Judy Fisher, Linda Hatlan, Joan Pruzinsky, Marilyn Sims and Sandy Keyser (who turns out to be a great dancer), Frank Krauser and Bob Romano for supplying the potables with the underwriting of the Men’s Club, The SSCCW for all the paper goods, Al Ferzacca for manning the bar, Nancy Adams, Amy Carroll and Judy once again for making the Irish coffees, Jackie Schoettle, Sue Blanchette for serving, Tom Gleason, Dottie Nolen (who was there at the beginning and as well,) and their friends for picking up after the meal. I’m sure there were others I didn’t see and I assure you that you’ll get double indulgences!

Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

fetscherDear Family,
Is anyone else wondering where January went? I’m sure we had a good time last night at the Andy Cooney Show. I’m writing my reaction before the show so it’s an act of faith. Nevertheless, I doubt I’ll be disappointed recalling past history.

Waxy O’Connor’s on 17th Street brings us the true Irish food. Our thanks to Mark and Noreen Roehleder who own the pub. Monsignor Pat and Annie attended their wedding in Northern Ireland many moons ago. Now they grace our lives here. They both have a lilt to their voices so you might be tempted to ask where “Roehleder” came from. You can ask them the history when you drop in on Waxy’s. This is an unabashed plug if you haven’t been there yet.

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

fetscherDear Family,
We are on our way with ABCD. In our first week you have pledged $48,246. This year, as you heard last Sunday, our goal for 2017 is $101,948. The amount is based on our past contributions. I am hopeful that we will be as generous as we have been in the past. We will be missing one anonymous gift this year because the giver is now with the Lord, hopefully enjoying the life of heaven in peace. That gift determined our success in reaching our goal. So maybe all of us must stretch a little more to cover that. I’m just hopeful that the needs will dictate our contributions.

ABCD 2017

fetscherDear Family,
I said last week that I wanted to perhaps expand a little on the thoughts about our parish finances. I’ll be darned if I can remember what I wanted to say. Would $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ cover it?  I suspect Mary Wood (thanking her for the great job she always does – with pictures this year no less thanks to Ron Picur) would like a little more from me, so let me ruminate.

I hate talking about money. Doesn’t that sound “detached” and maybe “spiritual?” The truth is that I’m copping out on a responsibility that belongs to all of us. Hating it doesn’t relieve me (or you) from the responsibility of puffing my money where my mouth is; namely, what does it take to spread the gospel?

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