Twilight Twitches

Twilight Twitches

abcdDear Family,
All I can say is, “What a week!” We inaugurated a new President and we watch for the unfolding of our new administration. Our prayers continue for peace throughout our country.

I just noticed I have two ‘we’s and three ‘our’s in the opening paragraph. I didn’t plan it, but boy, doesn’t that say it all? It is, in fact, OURS; ours to keep or ours to lose.

fetscherDear Family,
“Ordinary???” Here we are. Ordinary time. There is a little Paulist Press book called the Ordo which describes Ordinary Time. “Besides the times of the year that have their own distinctive character, there remains in the yearly cycle thirty-three or thir-ty-four weeks in which no particular aspect of the mystery of Christ is celebrated (like Advent, Lent or Eastertime), but rather the mystery of Christ itself is honored in its fullness, especially on Sundays. This period is known as "Ordinary Time.”

This year we have five ‘ordinary’ weeks until Ash Wednesday. After Pentecost, on May 24th, we hit ‘ordinary’ again. Then we go all the way to Advent ’21.

fetscherDear Family,
Today is the final day of the Christmas season. We celebrate the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan river to mark the beginning of his public ministry. We put away the Nativity scene because now Jesus is an adult, but we still want to linger in the lights and warmth of the season. Next week, the wreaths and trees will find their way to careful storage. Thanks to Ann Murry and the Martini’s (Sue and Scott) for all their work It’s hard to believe Ash Wednesday is just five weeks away.

If the arms of Jesus were outstretched (and not swaddled) in the manger, now we see the adult Je-sus embrace His ministry under the full power of God’s Spirit.

fetscherDear Family,
I’m writing this letter on December 29th, the feast of the Holy Innocents, the wordless witnesses. Here are some hopes and dreams I have for 2021. May the coming year bless us, and with God’s help, heal us.

Happy New Year! I found this sort of crazy font called “Curtz” and thought it expressed our discombobulated moments. (I’ve waited years to use ‘discombobulated.’ Now seems the perfect time.)

We are confused, to say nothing of wearied at best. I won’t waste time over what you already know and feel.

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