Twilight Twitches

Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
Here we are finally! Ordinary Time.

We have moved from the saving events of Lent/ Triduum/Eastertime, plus two exclamation point feasts added on to celebrate God’s love for us, most especially in the feeding we receive with Eucharist. We have moved into Ordinary Time.

Do you feel Ordinary? I don’t. It’s more like being launched on a glide path to interesting places. Jeff Bezos is taking his brother with him when he goes to float in space in July, but I didn’t get an invitation.

fetscherDear Family,
Today brings us two events to ponder and cele¬brate. The first, of course, is the second exclamation point after our Easter celebrations, today’s celebration of The Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ. (You can see why I prefer say simply, ‘Corpus Christi.’)

The first exclamation point was last Sunday’s celebration of the Trinity. As we heard, the feast isn’t about sacred mathematics, how three are in one, and one has three. (Sounds like an advertisement for oil.)

fetscherDear Family,
We learned it as little kids: One God and Three Persons. I don’t remember if I ever wondered about that. That was what Sister Madelpha taught me, so I never doubted it was true. I think my bottom-line feeling about it all was a comforting sense that God loved us. Did I need to know anything else?

After all these years, and multitudes of theological courses and researched backgrounds for homilies - I really do on occasion - and more than a little pon¬dering, I find out that I still have the same conviction that God still has it all worked out and still loves us, despite us...

fetscherDear Family,
Get a shot! That’s probably the strangest way I have ever begun a Pentecost bulletin reflec¬tion. But perhaps the most Spirit-filled thing I can say to you is, “If you have not yet gotten a Covid vaccine shot, do it!”

I suspect most of us in the parish have done that, at least in our age bracket. But I surely hope you can encourage the younger members of your family to do the same. If you have to explain why to them, tell them that if they aren’t concerned about their own health they need to be concerned about the health of others, especially people who legitimately are not able to take the vaccine.

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